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The best fishballs in Bacolod. Yes, we’re serious. ;-)

Almost every afternoon – a tricycle carrying a display case sets up shop at the corner of 1st street – and Lacson street, right at the corner of the SSS building.   A few minutes later crowds of students begin to form disorderly queues.  This is the famous fishball cart of Lacson street.

Crowds of students and hungry workers on their way home from work stop to get a filling merienda.

The secret of this cart is the way he makes his fishballs and the sauce. Like all others he makes the fishballs from a floury paste dropped into hot oil.  The sauce however is absolutely delectable.  Timplado. He doesn’t use the generic thick brown sauce commonly poured over fishballs – his is a clear, slightly brownish sauce that pours easily over the fishballs.  There is some sourness and sweetness that goes extremely well with the fried white lumps of paste.

Crowds of students line up!

The man who owned the cart said that the cart had no name because it was a rolling shop.   I took a quick look at the other things he was selling.

Manong is a bit shy to face the camera. His cart has kwek-kwek, french fries, squidballs, tempura, kikiam, fishballs and hotdogs.
Chicken Lumpia and Tempura.

The most popular combo seemed to be hotdogs and fishballs.  I bought a cup and instantly fell in love with the combo!

So delicious! An awesome combo of hotdogs fried till slightly crispy and fishballs served in the fishball cart’s secret sauce. 23php.

The fishball cart is usually found parked at the corner of 1st street and Lacson – beside the old SSS building. It is there usually at 3-6pm.  Give it a try!

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