Shawarma ni Kulas

Shawarma ni Kulas is Back!

Shawarma ni Kulas is back and better than ever! Shawarma ni Kulas is located at Lacson Street, right beside the Old Coca Cola bottling plant.

Shawarma ni Kulas in its new location.

Shawarma ni Kulas is the brainchild of Bong Arceo who originally started out serving Shawarma at Try mo Shawarma ko (Fairview, Quezon City.)

We went there and tried out their food!

First of all service a bit spotty because it is all very informal.  There’s also a lot of people dining!  🙂

Shawarma from Shawarma ni Kulas. It’s a bit heavy on the vegetables and very greasy. Students and kids love it! Pour on a lot of garlic sauce!

Shawarma ni Kulas also serves finger food such as their Pita Choz and B-Lats.

Pita chips topped with beef and veggies.

These are popular because they are easy to eat, and perfect for sharing with barkada and friends!

Shawarma ni Kulas also serves his own version of Quesadillas.

As always, toilet humor is present in Kulas’ establishments.  Bong has toned down the toilet humor and made the place more “tasteful.”  It’s still hella funny though. 🙂

Wash your hands in a golden toilet. The light fixtures are also chamber pots!


Shawarma ni Kulas is good for people on a budget!  The food is not authentic – heavily Filipinized and extremely greasy but this sort of food appeals to many.  It is perfect for students and barkadas looking for a cheap place to dine and to have fun.  Discerning diners may care to look elsewhere.



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