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Tom n Tom’s Coffee – First Philippine flagship store located in Bacolod.

Coffee lovers rejoice! a new Korean coffee shop has just opened in Bacolod City!  It’s the awesome Tom N Tom’s Coffee!

According to their statement: TOM N TOMS COFFEE is a professional coffee franchise brand and an international coffee shop leader which strives to satisfy customers with the rich taste and aroma of high quality coffee extracted through its own roasting technology, offering pastries and pretzels baked right in the shop, good people and a comfortable atmosphere.

What does this mean for Bacolod? Well, we are so privileged to have an international company decided to place A FLAGSHIP STORE – that means Bacolod has the VERY FIRST branch of Tom N Tom’s in the entire PHILIPPINES! Wow, what an honor!

We were invited by our good friend Aljay De La Paz to the opening night of Tom N Tom’s!

Tom N Tom’s gorgeous ground floor. Tom N Tom’s is located at 26th Lacson Street.

Everything is gorgeous, the staff is attentive and Tom N Tom’s feature two areas. a ground floor and an upper area with a smoking section.

Large tables and comfy seats at the ground area!
The upper floor with an outdoor smoking section. The place is really cold with powerful air conditioners!

What sets Tom N Tom’s apart from coffee chains such as Bo’s Coffee and Starbucks is their amazing selection of drinks, pastries and merchandise.  Let’s start with the amazing merchandise table that is located in front of their counter.

First on the upper left we have boxes of their coffee beans, Middle is their deluxe coffee grinder, ready to grind those coffee beans! To the right of that we have rich coffee extracts ready to add to your milk! At the bottom left we have a gorgeous coffee mug gift set with coffee beans and coffee extracts. In the bottom middle is the famous Yogurt smoothie and to the right are exquisite coffee cups with black, white and gold details. I now know what to get my friends for their birthdays!

They have an extensive assortment of drinks and the CEO himself urged me to try their Yogurt Smoothie. It was amazing! The tart taste of Yogurt was there – practically like drinking Yakult 🙂 But much, much, more delicious!

Their hot coffee is also great! They source their beans from Kenya and they slow roast each batch ensuring that the distinct coffee taste is present in all of their beans.

Tom N Tom’s Bacolod hired Korean staff to train our local servers to ensure quality is met.

See this, this is the best damn Yogurt Shake ever.  You guys should really taste this and give your tummy a healthy dose of yogurt!

Yogurt Smoothie!!!

Now we come to the thing that sets Tom N Tom’s separate from the rest. Besides coffee, Tom N Tom’s serves pastries and their signature pretzels and these are amazing!

We tried out three of their best selling pretzels in Korea. The first one is their Sweet potato pretzel.  Sweet potatoes with a creamy mozzarella sauce. It is delectable and it comes with three sauces! You can twist off a bit of the pretzel and dunk it in your choice of garlic butter, cheese sauce and honey mustard.  The bread is soft and chewy and it comes to you freshly baked!

Sweet potato pretzel. Try all the sauces!

Their dog pretzel is a long hot-dog cooked with vegetable bread.  This was enjoyed by the kids in our group who liked the distinct taste of Korean hot-dogs.  I’m not kidding, it tastes totally different from the Tender Juicy PureFoods hot-dogs we are used to.

Dog Pretzel – Dog baked with vegetable and sausage.

Finally we had their Deli Pretzel. It is a pretzel baked with Honey Mustard, Chicken Breast, Ham and Cheddar Cheese.  This was a clear winner with our group as the savory taste appealed to us all.  Excellent!  The chewy soft bread and the sharp taste of the cheddar cheese is an unbeatable combination.

Deli Pretzel!!! Yummy!!

Now I know all of you are eager to try Tom N Tom’s! Of course you know, being in Bacolod the lines are going to be super long because everyone is eager to try the newest thing. Please understand that the food has to cook for quite a while because it is freshly made with international standards right before your eyes.  Of course you want the best for yourselves and your family so sit back and relax and remember good food takes a little time to cook.

You’ve got your bell that lights up when your order is ready. While waiting, please feel free to explore the coffee shop and check out the merchandise!

Tom N Tom’s is located at 27th St., Lacson Street 6100 Bacolod City
Telephone number: (034) 703 2920

See you at Tom N Tom’s!




3 comments on “Tom n Tom’s Coffee – First Philippine flagship store located in Bacolod.

  1. Wow! I saw them yesterday and they looks so cool! making Bacolod City a lot of reason to smile : ) Go! Tom n Tom’s

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