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Sir Jess Deli and Cafe: Herbal Piaya and organic food!

Sir Jess Deli and Cafe is a new restaurant owned and operated by Suarez Enterprise.  They specialize in organic products and they decided to convert a house into a restaurant to serve you their delightful meals.

Sir Jess Deli & Cafe is located at Dona Juliana Heights subdivision, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines 6100 Tel numbers (034) 432-1271
One of the outdoor dining Areas.

I was really interested in their piaya which has herbs mixed in with it. Oregano and Pesto (basil)!  How interesting! I tasted the Oregano piaya and I was surprised to taste a clear herbal flavor which gave a refreshing feeling.  The basil piaya has a pizza-y smell but the taste is delightful and the piaya is extremely aromatic.  This is a must buy pasalubong.

Pesto piaya!
Oregano Piaya

There’s many more products that I love at Sir Jess. They have bottled quail (pinitaw) and Orega flakes which is Oregano and fried garlic chips.  These two go so well together.  The quail is perfectly seasoned and is so soft and juicy.  I love the orega flakes. I literally have it on my rice every meal.

Orega flakes and Pinitaw.

Sir Jess serves various meals and their speciality is organic duck or Pato Tim! Organic duck really tastes different and cleaner from duck raised on chemical feeds.

Pato Tim!


Of course, the brains behind this operation is the lovely Chef Jesselle!

Chef Jeselle!


Please do try Sir Jess’ Deli and Cafe. They have interesting food and great pasalubong for those looking for something special and different from the usual boring piaya and pasalubong!

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