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Natural Garden Café by Welcome Home Foundation: Dine in and Help the Deaf out!

UPDATED 2021: Natural Garden Café is an awesome café in Bacolod City where you can dine and at the same time help out our the deaf people in the local community.

Natural Garden Cafe is run by Welcome Home Foundation inc which aims to help deaf children and youth overcome their handicap. In the café, these young people learn entrepreneurship skills and also how to interact with customers!

Sounds interesting? To get to this café, You can go to their cafe’s main entrance on Consuelo Avenue, right outside the Villa Valderrama Subdivision. There’s also a back entrance located on the old Kametal road alongside Lacson street near Lopues Mandalagan.

The main entrance takes you through the Welcome Home Foundation’s vegetable garden and classrooms. It’s very nice and picturesque.

The vegetables are all grown by the deaf students and workers!
You can even see their irrigation system setup for the farm.

Natural garden cafe is an open-air affair with simple bamboo chairs and tables. But it still is pretty nice to come and visit!

The main dining area has a lot of chairs and tables. For now, dine in is not allowed and only pickups of your orders are permitted. We had to ask permission to sit and eat our order, making sure we observed proper social distancing from the staff. (If you want to help and order. Call or message them via their Facebook or their telephone numbers listed below.)

This is the main building of Natural Garden Cafe. It also serves as their office. The sliding windows are where you pick up your orders. You can also watch your food being prepared in their kitchen.

Its very nice to know that eating at Natural Garden Cafe helps provide jobs for the deaf!

Awww this sign is so heartwarming!

How do you order? You make your orders at Natural Garden Cafe by using this blackboard. If the waitress is deaf, just point to the items that you want. If they are not busy and if they have a hearing interpreter around, You can also ask them to teach you how to sign for your order. I got them to teach me how to sign for “sisig” wrap.

The prices are very low for wraps and drinks. Its nice to know that your meal can help deaf people. The menu changes depending on what’s their special for the day. We were too late for their pesto pasta – their special for the week so we had to settle for their wraps instead.

A few years ago, there were Australian volunteers who came by for a visit and they taught the foundation how to make a very iconic product – Natural Garden Cafe’s Banana Chutney. It’s a little sweet and spicy – it goes well with meats and vegetables! Give it a try.

Banana Chutney for 90 pesos

The Welcome Home foundation also practices making use of plastic in meaningful ways. They are currently making a fence of bottles filled with plastic pieces.

After a short wait, the food arrived. We tried Natural Garden’s Cafe’s Sisig wrap, a citrus ternate iced tea and a brownie!

Food looks extremely good and healthy!

The citrus ternate Iced tea was a nice cool drink with some ternate flowers spread on top. These Ternate flowers are said to have beneficial effects on the body such as reducing blood pressure. Eat them!

We tried the sisig wrap. It was flavorful and juicy. If I had a choice to pick a burger from a fast-food chain or this wrap, I’d definitely choose this one! This wrap is healthier and more filling. Every order benefits the deaf students and you can be assured that everything is for a good cause.

The sisig wrap

Some of the vegetables in the wrap are grown in the Welcome Home Foundation’s garden!

The brownie is super good too! It’s freshly baked and it is not your regular brownie from a dessert that is super sweet. This one is bigger and is mildly sweet. It’s a healthier version of a brownie. It’s just 30 pesos for a big piece.

What we really liked about Natural Garden Café is that the food is cheap and simple. No frills dining. The food tastes great and it’s amazing how they manage to include vegetable in everything. We plan to keep coming back over and over to try their new items on their menu.  When everything normalizes after the pandemic,

A highly recommended place.

Welcome Home Foundation’s Natural Garden Cafe is located beside the Villa Valderrama entrance on Consuelo road, Mandalagan Bacolod City. An alternative entrance can also be accessed at Kametal Road.
Open Monday to Friday 9am – 430pm

For orders please call

Telephone number 0995884105 / 09258476186 or 034 468 0245

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