French Restaurants

Allo Allo Bistro

‘Allo ‘Allo bistro is located on the third floor of the Hi-Strip 4 building. It’s a nice little restaurant that serves European dishes.

The restaurant is clean and has a very comfortable interior.  There is also an outside dining are where you can admire the view… of the Pan-Asiatic building 🙂

Allo allo’s cheerful interior.

They have an extensive menu ranging from drinks and several exotic sounding dishes.  We ordered a couple of dishes to try out. Most of their dishes are priced at 230 – an affordable price

We first ordered the Chicken Provencal. I was expecting to see plenty of tomatoes, herbs – a chicken stew of sorts. Instead we got this.

Chicken Provencal.

Well it is not bad. It may not be 100% authentic “French” but it’s just okay. You can order rice to go with your meal too, if you want it. The “Chicken Provencal” was okay for me, albeit a bit pale looking.

Our next dish is their Cotes de Porc Sauce Moutarde. Basically a fancy name for a pork chop with mustard sauce. It has abundant french fries. But hey, everybody loves fries or rice in the Philippines, so no one can really complain 🙂

Cotes de Porc Sauce Moutarde

This was an okay dish for me. The serving size is hearty and I really liked the fries.  The sauce is not bad. The meal is quite filling.

Allo Allo is a nice place to go and dine.  The serving sizes are good and you should really try their take on French, Italian and Continental Cuisine.


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