Paa-su resto grille

There are many tiny, tiny restos in Bacolod that have students as their primary audience. Paa-su is one of them.

This tiny restaurant recently opened and it has already attracted a loyal following.  It’s tiny and since its main customers are students, the prices are really cheap.

10414502_330654700461867_1373763104869061320_n (1)
Paa-su resto/Grille is located on 18th street Lacson (picture taken from Paa-su facebook)

Here are their prices. They’re low but the quality of food is okay. Nothing fancy. It’s cheap and affordable. Paa-su also serves drinks and desserts that are popular with students too.

Paa-su is great!

They have the standard things that students love.  We tried their sisig.

Sisig and egg. This is a hearty, protein packed meal.

They have grilled squid and it was surprising for me because the squid is actually soft and tender, not hard and rubbery!  Their chicken inasal is ok, perfect for students on a budget.

Grilled squid
Chicken inasal

Paa-su is a great place, an alternative for those seeking to dine on a budget.

4 comments on “Paa-su resto grille

  1. A location would be nice, Martin.

  2. sarapngbarquillos

    Hi Martin. Have you checked the Bacolod Adventist Hospital cafeteria or canteen (or whatever they call it now)? The place is really cool Marts, they renovated the place. Plus damo food for sale for vegetarians. Pls give them a visit. Thanks. I like their Kalamansi/Ginger juice and their veggiemeat dishes.  Mylene June G. Sison OICPhilKorea Educational Services, Inc.Roli”s Arcade, La Salle Avenue6100 Bacolod City Mobile No. 0999-6576368Office No. (034) 707-0174

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