Quan Bacolod: A history of good taste.

Quan is one of the restaurants in Bacolod that is already an institution. People love Quan and their delicious food that they have been making for over a quarter of a century.

Some of Quan’s most famous products.

Yep, if you were a LaSallian from Bacolod, you most likely have eaten at Quan. The school is flanked by it’s two branches.  Back in the ’90s, Quan had already established itself as the favourite hang out of students and parents alike.

Quan Brownies and Walnut Bar

I distinctly remember this – the first brownie I ever had as a child was a brownie from Quan. I liked the brownie so much that I kept asking for brownies every time my tita came home. Yes, even 30+ years later I can remember how it tasted. Chocolatey, moist and soft.

Another thing that I had were Quan’s boat tarts. I distinctly remember first grade, our class had a perfect punctuality attendance award so our class us had a day off/class picnic and we brought food to share. One of my classmates brought boat tarts. It was my first time to eat one. I liked the icing and the rich caramel filling.  It was so good and all of my classmates liked it so much that for a while, boat tarts were a valuable commodity to be traded at recess, to be begged from classmates. I can distinctly remember the fat little sh*t who stole my tart out of my lunchbox.

After all these years, and even now when I can buy all the boat tarts I want, the pain is still there. Lol.

Quan’s boat tarts.

Fast forward high school.  I discovered Quan’s chicken Pie and Pepper roll. I had 50 pesos as allowance back then which meant I could buy these two favorites for merienda or lunch!

My favorites!

Quan’s chicken pie has a thick flaky crust bursting with chicken and flavor.  The pepper roll is practically a pocket pizza filled with tomato sauce, onions, cheese and pepperoni. Filling and trendy enough for a high schooler, these two remain among my favorites up to this day.

Of course, what will we be without Quan Napoleones? This is one of Bacolod’s most famous delicacies.  Flaky puff pastry with sweet cream inside. Many times, people have asked me to bring this as pasalubong to Manila.

Quan’s famous Napoleones.
Quan’s Palabok.

Today, Quan is still there and going strong as ever. The food is still there – timeless favorites that all Negrense’s have come to love.

Quan Branches in Bacolod City and Talisay:
*MC Metroplex, Northdrive – Tel. (034)4339987 or 7090677
*La Salle Avenue – Tel. (034)4346379 or 7085055
*Lopues San Sebastian – Tel. (034)4351113
*Lopues Araneta – Tel. (034)4356559
*Gaisano Araneta – Tel. (034) 7078440
*Lopues East – Tel. (034) 7089095
*Robinsons Supermarket – Tel. (034)4761518
*Metro Gaisano (The District North Point)




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