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Silver & Plum: Restaurant and Bar

Silver & Plum is a classy place that is located in Piazza Sorrento Extension, 13th Lacson St.  It is a restaurant/bar and it is quickly becoming one of our favorite watering holes as the food there is quite good and the place is quite beautiful.

The entrance to Silver & Plum.

Inside is a fully functional bar and tables and chairs where people are ready to whip up drinks for you like mojitos and Singapore slings.

The Bar and the one of-a-kind Bacolod Food Hunter Yellow Hello Kitty Bag.

Silver & Plum is popular among yuppies and people who want something a little sophisticated along Lacson street. This place fills up pretty fast on weekends. While we were there we saw all sorts of people having a drink – Korean students, young couples and even an elderly cougar with her muscular young boy toy in tow. The isolated location and cozy atmosphere of the place is perfect for those who want to keep a low profile and have a quiet evening.

The “silver” wall.

The most striking feature of Silver & Plum is the “Blue” room.  It’s a small room with blue lighting up a flight of stairs. This really adds to the mystery of the place. There are curtains so there is some sort of privacy. One can’t help but wonder if certain “fluids” are visible under the blue light. 🙂

The infamous blue room.

Although Silver & Plum is a bar, they serve really good food too. They serve their version of “British” food.  It may not be 100% accurate but it comes pretty close. Purists who insist on having the real thing will be sadly disappointed. Those with not so exact standards and those without straight-laced attitudes will have a good time here.  🙂

You have your British chips – thick cut potato wedges.

The food came hot and fast. It was very good!  Quite nice with all the side dishes of potatoes – the English sure know how to eat!

English steak.

Of course I had to try the very British “Bangers and Mash.”

It was okay. Sausages over mashed potatoes and gravy with peas. The meal was quite filling!

Bangers and Mash.

But what really got me going was when they handed out this awesome condiment – English mustard. This is very different from Dijon or American mustard in that it has a spicy kick much like wasabi or horseradish. This totally changed the taste of the potatoes and the gravy. I kept putting spoon after spoonful in.

I love English Mustard!

We had Lamb steak and it came with more mashed potatoes. Yum!

Lamb steak with mashed po. Who doesn’t love mashed po? 🙂

Silver & Plum is a nice place to have a drink, have some filling food and relax. Its proximity to Lacson street and other important places in Bacolod makes it accessible for those who want to unwind.  Please do come and visit!

Silver & Plum is located at Piazza Sorrento Extension, 13th Lacson St. 6100 Bacolod City

Telephone number (034) 433 6625

Opens at 4:00pm to 2:00am


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