Cake in a jar

Shezzles: Dessert in a jar. Cute, funny and delicious!

One of the most common requests that we get in our mail are requests asking us for suggestions on unique and interesting gifts to give to visitors and friends.  Sure, you can always offer piaya, butterscotch, napoleones but those gift suggestions are STALE and old.  Everybody  gives out piaya and napoleones.  It’s so COMMON.   Well today, we’re proud to share with you one of our food finds that will surely distinguish you from the unwashed masses.   Forget about boring old piaya and toss that napoleones into the rubbish heap.  The latest exciting pasalubong are… cakes. But not just ordinary cakes!  They’re cakes in a jar!

Cakes in a jar. Picture courtesy of

Shessley Adelantar is a young entrepreneur who first began selling her dessert creations to family and friends.  She decided to sell cakes in a jar after seeing them on the internet.  Her desserts were very popular and she decided to try selling them on Facebook.   She decided to sell cakes in a jar after seeing them on the internet.  Her popularity grew so much that she launched her own website and her online store is now a fixture at various food events in Bacolod.  It’s an amazing success story.

Shessley proudly shows off her products to the Bacolod Food hunters at the first Sabor food festival.

We went through her Facebook page and decided to order two of her cakes!  Ordering is a breeze with her and she is polite, helpful and professional about everything.  We decided to pay via Paypal (although she has COD.) and even when our Paypal acted up due to bank maintenance she handled it professionally.    She delivered our cakes and here they are!

We got our cakes! Lemon butter cake and the Down and Dirty cake. These Jars came with a sturdy wooden spoon. So convenient!

The cakes were interesting!  The Lemon butter cake came with lots of whipped cream and the cake itself was moist and thick.  It was quite filling as well. It was delicious and quite novel.  I can just imagine whipping out a jar of cake and munching away in the movie theatre or quite frankly, anywhere!

Lemon butter cake. So delicious!

The next cake that we got was the interesting Down and dirty cake.  We got this cake because we had fond memories of a friend telling us how his roommate threw a party and when cake time came the guests had to eat out of little pots filled with “dirt” and”worms.”

Well, this is a really fun cake.  It looks like dirt and the gummy worms are a very nice touch.  Perfect for kids!  There is a second bottom layer that is made of crushed shortbread cookies.  It is a welcome change of texture from the chocolate cake.  A second worm was found lurking in this layer.  Really nice!

This is such a cute and fun cake!

These cute cakes are great as gifts!  Don’t forget to drop by  or  to see all the different flavors and types of cakes.  You can order from there.

Shessley also creates regular sized cakes and recently for Mother’s day she released this amazing KitKat cake which my cousin ordered.  Have fun and please do consider getting these amazing cakes the next time anybody asks you for pasalubong.

My Aunt with Shezzle’s amazing cake!



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