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Murcia Hilltop Resto and Bar.

It’s summer and people are heading for the beach or the mountains to escape the oppressive heat!  Bacolod’s version of Baguio/Tagaytay is Don Salvador Benedicto where one can head to the many mountainside resorts and relax.  However if you’re on vacation, one might get tired of the standard picnic fare and wish for something more substantial.  Murcia Hilltop Resto & Bar is just the place for that.

Murcia Hilltop Resto & Bar is located in Murcia, a stone’s throw away from Lopue’s Murcia and on the road going to Don Salvador Benedicto.  This location makes it convenient for people to stock up/dine before heading off into your retreat in the mountains!

Hilltop Resto & Bar.

It is located in the middle of some farmland and you have a short distance to drive from the main road.  The pictures make it seem like its very remote but actually it is very near the main highway.

The private road heading to hilltop with the beautiful mountains as your backdrop.

Finally after that short drive you arrive at the main building of Hilltop!  Around the restaurant are some small tables and tents where one can sit and dine while enjoying the cool breeze and the view of the mountains.



Click on this picture to see a 360 interactive view of the outside of hilltop and their dining area. Sorry for the dark areas though..

The Dining Area inside of Murcia Hilltop Resto & Bar is small but it is air-conditioned and it has lots of huge windows.  It is clean and quite comfortable and relaxing inside.

The inside of Hilltop.

Lets get to ordering.  This is a picture of Hilltop’s menu. Prices are quite reasonable and they have quite an extensive list of entrees.

We had children dining with us so we opted to order more kid-friendly fare rather than the house specials this time.

We ordered their Carbonara.  It was okay.  It came in an interestingly shaped bowl and it had a piece of bacon with it.

Hilltop’s Carbonara.  It’s not obvious in this picture but the Carbonara came in this cute artsy bowl that had one side bigger than the other.  Very creative.

We also got their Pancit Palabok.   Just your ordinary typical Palabok.

Pancit Palabok

Hilltop’s Sotanghon Guisado is quite good.  There’s a lot of meat and veggies.  It is wonderful!

Sotanghon Guisado

Their sandwiches and Chinese dumplings (zhengjiao) were a huge hit with the kids in our group.   The kids were busy running around and running in and out of the restaurant playing in the wide open field just outside.  They liked that they could have something small to carry around.

Delicious Chinese Dumplings. This comes deep fried and so be careful when you bite into it as there might be hot oil still trapped inside.

Clubhouse sandwich.  This was very popular with the kids.  Be careful with the toothpicks when you serve it to kids as they might swallow it!

Hilltop’s Clubhouse sandwich

Hilltop’s cheeseburger.  I liked that they grilled both sides of the bun but the burger was not beefy and was mostly filled with extenders (e.g. breadcrumbs.)  It was okay I guess.  Nothing special.  It came with a big juicy tomato slice and the vegetables and pickles were very good.

Hilltop’s Hamburger

Murcia Hilltop Resto & Bar is an awesome restaurant. It may not break new ground culinary-wise but it is just ok for people who want something to eat while in DSB. (We still haven’t tried their steak so we’re coming back!) and its location is simply ideal.  Please do drop by and relax with a cold drink!

Murcia Hilltop Resto & Bar is located at San Bernabe 2, Negros Occidental Eco-Tourism Highway, Brgy. Salvacion, Murcia, 6129 Negros Occidental

Open from: 10am-11pm

Telephone number: (034) 213 5880


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