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Victorias Foods Launches its Signature Recipes

Victorias Food Products is the food branch of the Victorias Milling company here in Negros and they manufacture all sorts of products such as canned sardines, canned bangus and even smoked bacon and chorizo.  They wanted people to learn how to incorporate these products into healthy and delicious recipes for their family so Victorias Food Products partnered with the Bacolod Academy of Culinary Arts to develop signature recipes using their fine products that draw from the rich heritage of Victorias and Negros Island.

We were invited to the launch party at B.A.C.A on March 18 2014 to try out these awesome recipes that were developed by the chefs and students of the Bacolod Academy of Culinary Arts.

Victorias Foods Recipe Card. They’ve also opened a branch on Lacson street that stocks their products to make it more convenient for their customers!

The event was held at the Bacolod Academy Of Culinary arts main kitchen.  A lot of famous local people and celebrities were present such as Maricar Dabao of Jovial Media Events as Event Organizer, Pushpa Tan, Pres of NAITAS Bacolod, Dr. Maritel Ledesma, Pres of Negrense Blogging Society, Luci Yunque & Betsy Gazo, Lifestyle Writers of Sunstar, Lyn Marie Mapa, Exec Director of Museo Negrense de La Salle and  Ivy Visitacion, Lifestyle Writer of Visayan Daily Star

Group Picture!

The event began with a short prayer and opening remarks from the Victorias Food COO Jaime Unson and Atty. Anna Paner, CEO of VMC  They spoke about the food culture of Negros and the 30 year history of the Victorias Milling corporation and Victorias Foods.   Attorney Paner also emphasized in her speech about the care and the strict quality control that goes into each product to ensure that their products are something that the Negrense could be proud of.

The event then began.  The students of BACA did cooking demos to show how easy it is to produce gourmet quality food using Victorias products.


The Students of B.A.C.A
The ingredients used were Victorias products such as Luncheon meat, Spanish sardines, and smoked Bacon!


The students worked quickly to produce the dishes.  They even spoke about the procedures and the steps as they made their dishes.  It was wonderful to see how these young men and women worked efficiently in the kitchen under pressure and under the watchful eyes of so many people!

BACA students working fast!

Everyone had their eyes on these budding chefs!  We were impressed at their culinary techniques and their skills.

A captivated audience!

The first dish was quickly done! Victorias Spanish Bangus Salad. (Nicoise)  This is a salad that was made using Victorias Bangus.  The vegetables were fresh and crunchy and the Bangus added a little spicy zing to the refreshing clean taste of the vegetables.  This is a really hearty salad, one that can double as a main meal in itself.

Victorias Spanish Bangus Salad

The next recipe was a dish using Victorias Bacon and bananas! This dish is perfect for canapes or for breakfast or light snacks.  The bacon went well with the banana and the taste was simply divine!   I’m proud to say that Victorias Bacon isn’t salty at all unlike the bacon of other competitors that tries to over compensate for the poor quality of meat by over seasoning their bacon.

Victorias Style Banana Bacon Wrap
Victorias-style Banana Bacon Wrap!

We all know how picky kids get when it comes to food.  B.A.C.A developed a recipe (Victorias Chorizo spider)  to catch the interest of kids and is simple and easy to make!  Kids are very interested in animals and when you tell them that what they’re eating looks like a spider, you’re sure to have the kids undivided attention!

Victorias Chorizo Spider. The pasta coming out from the Chorizo looks like the legs of a spider!

There’s simply so many things you can do with Victorias Chorizo.  The next dish Victorias Chorizo with Mango Chutney was a crowd pleaser!  It evoked the taste of exotic india via the mango chutney and at the same time had the rich familiar taste of Filipino Chorizo.  The mango chutney went very well with the chorizo patty.  It was a pleasant medley of sweet and salty flavors.  This is a very impressive dish but still easy to make!

Victorias Chorizo Patties with Mango Chutney. This is awesome. This is delicious. OMG.

The final dish was a handmade pasta that the students made from scratch right before our eyes.  It was called Spaghetti Arabiata Victorias and it combined Victorias Sardines with Victorias Smoked Bacon to produce a delicious and filling pasta!

Victorias Spaghetti Arabiata. Absolutely gorgeous.

The food was absolutely delicious and simple to make.  Everybody had fun watching the students prepare these recipes produced and developed by the head chefs at B.A.C.A.    It really felt good to try these nutritious and delicious gourmet quality recipes that can easily be made by people at home without fancy equipment or expensive ingredients!  Thank you for inviting us Victorias Food! 

5 comments on “Victorias Foods Launches its Signature Recipes

  1. Great, informative post, Martin! We plan to check out the Victorias Showroom ASAP. Thank you for the information!

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~

  2. Thank you for gracing the launch of VFC Signature recipes. it is an honor to have the No. 1 Bacolod food blogger at our event. and thank you for sharing the passion in our effort to promote Bacolod cuisine in your blogs. cheers!

  3. i was looking for these products since then. I found the chorizo and cooked ham in Robinson’s Jaro, Iloilo and the Sardines and Luncheon meat at Iloilo Supermart. So good products. I wonder if they still have that corned beef and chinese ham ?

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