WaraWara: Eat all you can grill!

WaraWara korean restaurant has been around for some time and we’re reviewing it now because there has been a price drop in their eat/grill all you can buffet!  Previously priced at 450+ php, the buffet is now about 380+ php pesos! (mondays to thursdays) It’s an awesome deal because the good quality of the meat and the buffet totally justifies the price.  The management has also ironed out the kinks in their service and food quality.

Inside WaraWara. It is clean and spacious!

WaraWara’s buffet table is laid out with the meat, salads and vegetables attractively presented.  For those hoping for already prepared dishes, the only dishes that are available are the numerous kinds of bibimbap and salad.  You really have to cook your own food in WaraWara.

WaraWara’s assorted meats

We got a lot of bibimbap dishes to serve as appetizers while we cooked our meat.  It’s advisable not to fill up too much on bibimbap as it’s a rice roll and you’ll get full quickly!

Egg and Spam bibimbap.
Tuna bibimbap
There’s some shrimp tempura too!

We got our meat and we proceeded to grill on their electric grill.  Grilling is fun and not too difficult as long as you don’t get too greedy and try to cook everything at once!  The trick to successful grilling is to spread out the meat evenly.

Our meat!
Nicely spread out to maximize the space.

WaraWara can be found at Robinson’s Bacolod Citywalk.

Check out our 360 degree Panorama of WaraWara!  Click on the picture and let it load!


Here’s a comic to show you guys our experience at WaraWara!  We had a totally great time!  My friends kept getting plates after plates of meat and grilling them.  I was on my last few pieces of meat  paired with a huge bowl of fried rice (WaraWara has excellent tasting fried rice).  Well after a few minutes those bastards became full and I had to eat the excess cooked meat.  Ugh.

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