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Perro Borracho: Burgers, Tacos, Burritos.

Wow, there’s another new Hamburger/Taco/Burrito place in Bacolod!  If Popeye’s burger-loving friend, Wimpy was in Bacolod, he’d probably declare it a paradise for hamburger loving people!

Perro Borracho which translates to “Drunk Dog” in Spanish is a new restaurant that opened in the Art District.  We went there on May 5, 2014 and we decided to try out their food!

Perro Borracho!


For starters, Perro Borracho has a very nice interior with wall murals and wooden boards decorating the interior.  This design fits in well with the Art district aesthetic.  The restaurant is open-air meaning you can sit and enjoy the night time art district scene.  They’re also open for lunch.

Perro Borracho’s menu. We decided to try only the burgers for today and try the squid and the other burritos for another day.

The restaurant staff is quick and attentive but the only thing we didn’t like is that they didn’t have any service water available and we had to buy bottled water and sodas.  A minor detail, but a little bit of inconvenience for the customers.  Anyway, we ordered the special burgers, the Perros’ Burger (php 185) and the Big Benny’s Burger (php 260.)

Perros’ Burger! I love the french fries!


The Perros’ burger has egg, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomatoes and it comes with an order of julienned French Fries. The caramelized onions were a nice touch but the show stealer was definitely the julienned fries.  They tasted like fried Pik-nik shoestring potatoes!  They were really addicting and really good although they were a bit too oily.  The burger itself tasted okay, with the beef well seasoned and cooked properly .


The Big Benny’s Burger had caramelized onions, lettuce and tomatoes just like the Perros’ burger but it had BACON and a double patty.

It also came with an order of the julienned fries which we couldn’t get enough of.  The burger patties were the same as the patties of the Perros’ burger.

Big Benny’s Burger!

Next time we visit, we are going to try the burritos and tacos!   Please do drop by Perro Borracho.  It’s located in Art district, Mandalagan. Bacolod City.

Perro Borracho is open from 11am onwards

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