Crocodile Sisig

Butchoks: Coffee and Crocodile Sisig.

Butchok’s is a local eatery that is popular among students and locals for its good cheap coffee and its hearty meals.  We finally had a chance to visit them and sample their food!

Butchok’s is really popular as a tambayan with students and locals.

Butchok’s is located along Narra Avenue near the Chinese temple.  It is located right next to Sleepnot cafe (which we will review on a later date.)

Sleepnot cafe right beside Butchok’s

Butchoks has no aircon and the place is ventilated by electric fans.  The place is a bit grubby but it has a certain charm.  What I love about these kinds of places is that the simplest places have the best tasting food.

The menu is simple ranging from the usual hamburgers, bon chon chicken and back ribs to CROC SISIG written on the whiteboard in bold letters!

Short ribs.. Tacos.. and CROC SISIG written in BOLD RED letters. LOL.

Butchok’s also serves Vietnamese Coffee.  They order their coffee straight from Vietnam.  They were the first to serve Vietnamese coffee in Bacolod (the second restaurant being Saigon cafe which followed three months after.)

Different kinds of coffee with different flavors. #2 is the most popular.

Lets get to the food!  Butchok’s serves mexican food with a filipino twist.  The owner, Dale Aian Pabon, likes to watch cooking shows and he experiments with recipes.  One of their best sellers that we ordered is their cheesy quesadilla.

Butchok’s Cheesy Quesadilla with two kinds of cheese and some ground meat inside. I AM SO HAPPY THAT THEY DONT USE F*CKING EDEN CHEESE which is SALTY CR*P that all people should avoid like the BUBONIC PLAGUE.

I ranted about Eden Cheese because 90% of places use that crap shit excuse of a cheese.  I ate at this high class mexican restaurant near riverside and their quesadillas were filled with EDEN.   Seriously, there’s a lot of sodium in that cheese.  Filipinos like it because it’s salty but it’s actually really bad for you.

Anyway, getting back to Butchok’s quesadilla, it’s really good and really satisfying.  One order is enough for a meal.

The next thing we ordered was this open faced quesadilla that was also very good.  It was very heavy and we had difficulty finishing it since there was a LOT.

Vegetably goodness.

We had a drink of their vietnamese coffee.  It’s not as rich and creamy as Saigon Cafe’s Vietnamese coffee but the price is hard to beat.. it’s HALF that of Saigon Cafe’s.

Butchok’s vietnamese coffee! It’s ICE COLD and just perfect for a HOT day. It’s awesome!

Finally the pièce de résistance:  The Crocodile Sisig.

It tastes like pork but not quite.  It’s more chewy and the way they prepared the sisig is really good.  The meat is savory and spicy.  Very appetizing!  I couldn’t believe that I’m really chowing down on a lizard.  🙂

Crocodile Sisig. Lizard tastes so GOOD!!

Butchok’s is located on Narra Extension, capitol shopping center Bacolod City.  Contact numbers are: 09228882100.


5 comments on “Butchoks: Coffee and Crocodile Sisig.

  1. BazookaBubbleGum

    you should try their Peking Chicken. It’s the latest experiment of the owner and it turned out so well. It tastes just like the Savory Chicken in Manila. Yum Yum yum!!! I’m gona get me some again later, in fact. it’s THAT good!

  2. Level 10 Viet coffee is so strong.. try it ..

  3. Kepal Api…. An Indofesian brand..

  4. It’s very delicious!
    I like it!

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