C's cafe

C’s Cafe: French pastries with a Filipino twist.

C’s Cafeis the only cake and pastry shop in Bacolod with  Chef Denis Laumone, a bubbly and energetic frenchman.   He’s been a fan of the Bacolod food Hunters for some time now and we decided to drop by and pay him a visit!

Chef Denis Laumone.

Chef Denis has been baking for some time and he trained in france and in the USA.  When he came on board to C’s cafe he created various pastries that appeal to his palate as a frenchman and at the same time making sure that the pastries also appeal to Filipino tastes.

Chef Denis toured us around C’s cafe and showed us various breads and pastries that he created.  He uses imported butter from france and imported premium chocolates for his pastries.   There are also some traditional french breads that he made which are also on sale.

Macapuno bread.  French but with a filipino twist.
Ham and Cheese Croissant with Bechamel Sauce

Chef Denis was the first guy to create the Cronut in Bacolod.  He began creating different varieties and he has a breakfast Cronut as well as a cronut with bandi (caramelized peanuts and sugar).  His work paid off and everyone began heading to C’s to try out the Cronuts!

Croissant. This pastry is made by folding a flattened piece of dough several times hence the folds and the layers in the pastry.

Chef Laumone also made this delicious croissant and he named it after himself.  The Chef Denis Cashew with rum Croissant.

It even looks a little like Chef Denis.. Nice and plump.

C’s cafe also has some nice premium handmade chocolates that one can purchase.  They come conveniently wrapped in gift boxes so you can conveniently give them as gifts.

C’s handmade chocolates!

Let’s do a taste test!  Chef Denis is really proud of his chocolate stuffed eclairs so he let us try one.  Being a gourmand, I cut near the end of the eclair to see if the ends were full of chocolate and it was!  The eclair is really stuffed full of chocolate! 100%!  Every bite really has premium rich chocolate.

Chocolate Eclair.

Chef Denis also urged us to try his Kalamansi tart which is similar to a Keystone lime pie or a lemon pie.  I jokingly referred to it as the “smiling pie”.  Why? It’s sour from the Kalamansi but after a few seconds it becomes sweet.  So you pucker your face up because of the sourness then as the sweet taste hits you, you break into a smile.  It’s really nice.

Calamansi pie!

The Chef Denis with Cashew and Rum Croissant was also surprisingly good.  There was some ground Cashew paste and a rich rum taste was present.  Very tasty!

Chef Denis Cashew and Rum croissant.

Chef Denis urged me to try more but I’m afraid I couldn’t try anything else! I don’t have a sweet tooth and after tasting a few bites I had to stop.  Pastry tasting is hard work!

I forgot to tell Chef Denis that his last name Laumone, sounds a lot like the Filipino word “LAMON” which means to “gobble up” or to “gulp down”.  Well, that’s very appropriate as his creations taste very good, you will certainly be gulping them down!

Please do check out C’s cafe beside L’fisher hotel on Lacson street.  They have good cakes and pastries that are made as close as possible to the authentic french style.

3 comments on “C’s Cafe: French pastries with a Filipino twist.

  1. Well, these foods look really delicious. I am a food lover and I love the fact that local recipes had been incorporated in these great French foods. I’d like to try some of these.

  2. I will be going to C’s Cafe very soon!

    ~ Gary ~

  3. mart, namit ila nga cronut cork dulce de leche…

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