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Manang rose barbecue: Popular student merienda!

Hi guys! We’re really happy to bring you another great food find: Manang Rose’s Barbecue.

This is one of those great hole in the wall “restaurants” that some USLS students suggested to us and it is just AWESOME.

Manang Rose’s Barbecue. Favorite Student Tambayan.

Manang Rose is located just across Lord Byron’s Main restaurant and it is absolutely swamped with students during afternoons looking to get their fix of barbecue.

Students just chilling out and having really great barbecue.

The concept is simple.  You are served normal street food barbecue but there are no plates. If you want rice you eat out of the plastic bags that the rice comes in.  Don’t let it turn you off.  You can put achuete oil and fried garlic in with the bag and mix it all up. You can also put as much garlic as you want.  In student slang this is dining cowboy style. or ga kinow-boy.

Achuete oil with fresh fried garlic.
Garlic rice.
Dinner is served. Cowboy style. Lol.

The barbecue is fantastic.  It’s your typical normal Filipino Barbecue with your isaw, longanisa and various odds and ends.  The sauce used to cook them is a bit salty and sweet.  Paired with a bottle of ice cold mountain dew, it’s the perfectly economical snack.  Merienda for two with double rice each plus drinks and a veritable amount of barbecue set us back only 122php.

I took a look at Lord Byron’s across the way.  IT WAS DESERTED.  It seems Lord Byron’s has become too mainstream for the masses now.

An empty Lord Byron restaurant.   At the time this picture was taken there were around 30 students behind me just standing around with BBQ and rice in hand and just snacking.
Manang rose herself!

Manang Rose is one of those hole in the wall restaurants that we just love to review.  Awesomeness.. Come on down and join the students roughing it Cowboy style.




2 comments on “Manang rose barbecue: Popular student merienda!

  1. bw perte ka nang rose..artistahin kana..masarap talaga ung bbq ni manang rose..been eating there more or less 10 years..

  2. I want to try that barbeque of Manang Rose! I can see that LB is empty in your photo, might be they are close that time you took this photo? Don’t they usually open up at 5:30 or 6Pm for dinner? I love their back ribs. 🙂 Thanks for this post, MArtin!

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