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Mushu’s New Menu: Filipino Food reinvented.

We’re proud to bring you another new story for the month of June!

The Bacolod Food hunters were invited to try out and to try out the new items on Mushu’s Menu. We trooped over to JP Anglo’s restaurant to try them out.

For this review I had brought along my Korean students, BR and Smith who really don’t like Filipino Food. They would be the menus harshest critics and their opinions would be from an outsider’s perspective.

We were greeted by Martin, Mushu’s Manager, brought to a table and the tasting began.

The first dish brought to us was Mushu’s Bugtaw Bugtaw. . It consisted of steamed green string beans and shrimp cooked together in coconut milk and topped with Lechon Kawali.

Mushu’s Bugtaw Bugtaw. Comfort food.

The green beans were cooked perfectly. They were still firm with a bit of crunch to them. The shrimps were soft and tender and everything went well with the coconut milk adding a little hint of sweetness. The Lechon Kawali added a meaty flavor and texture to the dish.

I ordinarily don’t like to eat string beans but I enjoyed Mushu’s take on the dish. BR and Smith enjoyed the dish and had second helpings! It was their first time to eat vegetables cooked in Coconut milk.

The next dish that we tried was Mushu’s roasted vegetables. It came served with toppings of white cheese and an excellent garlic paste and soft pita bread on the side.

Mushu’s Roasted Vegetables. All the flavors and colors of summer vegetables

The vegetables were lightly brushed with oil and grilled lightly until they were done. Each vegetable tasted sweet and crunchy. An excellent colorful and vibrant dish which reminded me of the taste and colors of summer.

The next dish served to us was one of their main dishes and one of the most popular Filipino Favourites : Mushu’s Bakareta.

Thick Chunks of Soft premium beef served with generous portions of vegetables and quesong puti.

The Bakareta was served in a rich sweetish tomato sauce with generous portions of potatoes, vegetables and soft high quality beef chunks and toped with bits of white cheese. I was so surprised to taste such soft and tender beef in a Bakareta.

BR really liked the Bakareta and proudly declared that the dish was “her type”. She liked the sweet sauce and the beef. After finishing her portion she proudly declared the dish to be her favourite Filipino food.

Our fish arrived.  It was Mushu’s Fish and Tofu Skewers.   The fish was excellently grilled and it came with a ginger sauce.  Smith enjoyed eating the roasted veggies that came with this dish.

Fish and Grilled Tofu

The next dish that was served really intrigued the Koreans. We had Mushu’s Sizzling Kansi with batwan sauce.

The dish came on a sizzling plate and it extruded a rich and savory aroma. On the dish were two marrow bones and around the marrow bones were bits and pieces of beef. The dish reminds one of sisig.

Sizzling Cansi.

I tried the Batwan sauce and I was impressed with the taste. It tasted a bit like mushroom gravy but more flavorful with a mild hint of sourness. I spooned out the rich marrow from the bones, mixed it with the Batwan gravy and chili sauce and gave portions of it to BR and smith to taste.

BR immediately commented that the marrow melted away in her mouth. She made small cries of surprise and astonishment.
“So delicious.” she whispered.

The final dish that we had was Mushu’s Pancit Palabok. It was interesting because the traditional elements of a pancit palabok weren’t immediately apparent. There was no slices of boiled egg or crunchy tinapa. Instead Mushu’s Palabok was topped with Shredded kani, shrimps and slivers of spring onions. The sauce was so delicious and the consistency made me feel that I was eating an italian pasta dish but with an asian influence. I really have to Ask Chef Jayps what the sauce is.

Mushu’s Pancit Palabok.

We really enjoyed the new dishes on Mushu’s menu. My Korean students were impressed and so was I. I had fun with the dishes especially since I saw Chef Jayps’ Personal touches to the food especially in the way he adds quesong puti or white cheese to everything. The man is huge fan of white cheese.

The best part is that the dishes are inexpensive and only in the 120-180 price range! They are truly affordable high quality meals. Mushu is totally awesome and is one of the places that the Bacolod Food hunters recommend to visitors to Bacolod city.

Thank you Martin Lachica and Chef Jayps for inviting us over!

Mushu is located at 21st street Bacolod City
Tel no: (034) 435-0972

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