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Palawud Resto Grill & Bar

Late afternoons are a time to relax especially after work.  If you’re looking for a great place to unwind, Palawud Resto Grill & Bar is the perfect place!

Palawud is located near the port area in Banago.  It is quite accessible yet at the same time seemingly distant so one can really enjoy some peace and quiet while still in Bacolod city!

We jumped into the car and headed off to Palawud.  You do have to drive on a dirt road through a long patch of grassy area so for those planning to commute to Palawud you will have a long walk ahead of you.

Palawud in the distance. Already it looks awesome!

A ship’s anchor serves as decoration in the middle of their circular driveway.

Aye Aye captain!

Finally we got out of the car and admired Palawud.  It has a simple storefront made of Bamboo and wood but there are plenty of dining areas inside.  It has a very rustic/holiday like feel to the entrance.


I took another photo.. this time of the entrance area.  Press Play to view it and you can use your mouse to look around.


There are three main areas to dine in Palawud.   There is the initial dining area (inside the bamboo building) and one on the lawn beside the main dining area shaped like a boat jutting out into the water.

The lawn dining area beside the boat shaped dining area.

Here’s another 3d Photo of the boat shaped dining area!  I took it at the prow of the “boat” which actually is a sort of stage area where performers can entertain the guests. Click on the photo to activate.


Palawud serves mostly seafood. We ordered a couple of dishes to try out.

Excellent fish kinilaw

We had their fish kinilaw.  It is pretty good as the sourness of the vinegar isn’t over powering.  The fish is very fresh and the dish is well prepared.  You don’t get any fishy smell or taste.

We also ordered some grilled fish and their baby back ribs.

Baby back ribs.

It was quite nice just sitting there with a beer and looking at the ocean as the sun went down.   Truly quiet and peaceful.

“I’m not the only one staring at the sun…” – U2

We had a magnificent sunset that day…

Sunset at Palawud.
Night falls…

And that concludes our post on Palawud.  We hope you liked this post!  Visit Palawud and  please do click on the ads you see on this site to help us out with site maintenance.  See you guys next time!

Palawud is located at San Juan St, San Patricio, Banago, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

Telephone number: (034) 441 6506

Open from 11am to 2am



4 comments on “Palawud Resto Grill & Bar

  1. Baw daw kalayo! But nice place and view. 😀 Dugay pa ko di galing maka kadto. 😦

  2. John MerC's

    great atmosphere.. cool air… great service (friendly, fast and always smiling)….and specially Great food……. you guys gots to go…..

  3. Laura S. Johnson

    A perfect getaway from the city with the comfort of awesome food with flavors that burst in your mouth! The warm welcoming ambiance at sundown, plus the excellent service and smiles of the staff makes it a very wonderful experience. Check it out… 🙂

  4. Never been to this place, but yeah i got a chance knowing the owner while having our outing (barkadas) at Guintubdan in La Carlota City, He was so cool, Sir Captain…thanks to You…ill be visiting this place very soon.

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