Filipino Pizza Pizza Ruperto

Pizza Ruperto: Popular pizza parlor in Victorias City!

Filipinos love pizza.  The appetite for pizza is simply amazing.  We have the ninja turtles and the original greenwich for introducing pizza to hordes of children in the early ’90s.

Pizza Ruperto is a roadside pizza place in Victorias that serves Filipino style pizza.  The place is always full of hungry people ready to chow down on those pizzas.

Pizza Ruperto!


The place serves 5 kinds of Pizza.  They have Hawaiian, Con Carne, Cheesy Bacon and Pepperoni and Mushroom.  Prices are cheap and Inexpensive.

The Menu Plastered on the walls.


The place is full of people having their merienda.

Full of people!
A happy Family Enjoying their Pizza.


We got the Hawaiian pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza. Only In the Philippines will you find CORN and pineapple on the pizza.



It was surprisingly good!


Pizza Ruperto is located at Osmena Avenue, Victorias City


5 comments on “Pizza Ruperto: Popular pizza parlor in Victorias City!

  1. Thanks for the post, Martin. It is good to know pizza is available in Victorias City other than in the chain restaurants. We have relatives in Victorias City but we do not go there often.

    My son and I put away a lot of pizza several times every week in Bacolod and we have our favorite pizzarias. I am not as picky but our son will only eat pepperoni pizza or ham and mushroom pizza.

    I can tolerate pineapple and corn on pizza much better than shrimp, although anchovy pizza is one of my favorites!

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~

  2. Rio Bella Pizzaria on Lacson Extension is our favorite. It is really great with lots of cheese and herbs. Yum, yum, yummy! The crust is also fabulous, which is how I judge a good pizza. If the crust is not good, it does not matter to me the toppings, as I am not going to enjoy the pizza as well.

    ~ Gary ~

  3. try reviewing Palawud. 🙂 restogrill and bar by the sea

  4. You haven’t tried ANDIES in Silay yet. Best pizza in town cause the crust is authentic Italian. Try it guys you won’t regret it!

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