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A Chef’s table dinner at the Bacolod Academy For Culinary Arts

Finally after several months B.A.C.A (Bacolod Academy for Culinary Arts) is now open and ready to accept new students!  We wrote about them several months ago and now finally they have TESDA acceditaton for their cooking courses which are up to European Educational Standards and they use the Dual- Education System from Germany.

We were invited back to join in in their Chef’s Table event which showed off the skill of the instructors and the possible dishes that the students could create.

The table at B.A.C.A is set and ready for the event!

We arrived early and we had a pleasant talk with Mr Daniel Sokoll, one of the schools administrators.

A friend of mine, Mr. Archie Acuna was present with me and he was very interested in enrolling.  However Archie’s schedule is usually busy during the day.  We found out that BACA also offers evening classes for those who have to work during the day. Very convenient!

So the dinner began, A Chef’s table is an event where the diners could sit and watch the chefs as they prepare the food. Archie and I were so excited as we went around observing the chefs at work.

Archie samples a dish’s ingredients while listening to the director/chef of B.A.C.A; Mr. Guenther Sannin.
A Tv news crew films as Chef Marcel; one of the instructors at B.A.C.A prepares the dishes

The chefs demonstrated all the techniques and skills that they would teach to the students.

The first course was Truffle burgers!   Brazilian beef with high quality truffle oil on French baguettes.  It was fantastic!

Truffle Burger

After finishing the course it was off to the kitchen again to scope out the next dish.  I couldn’t help but notice something set aside in a pan. Mmm!

This slab of beef tenderloin looks so enticing!

The next dish was White and Black Pasta with Truffles and topped with Fried Basil.  We watched Chef Marcel prepare fresh pasta from scratch using a state of the art pasta machine.  Most People have never had the experience of tasting pasta that is freshly made.  It is quite an enjoyable experience.  The fresh pasta dough is springy and chewy in your mouth.

Making Fresh Pasta!

While we waited for the pasta to cook we had a short Q&A session with Daniel Sokoll their director for academics.  Daniel told us that B.A.C.A  is TESDA accredited and that they are very flexible when it comes to the curriculum for the students.  The students can take one month courses or go the full course.  B.A.C.A is also looking forward to holding Chef’s Table events every Saturday in which people could come in make reservations and dine.  Sounds great!

Black and white pasta with straw mushrooms, drizzled with truffle oil and topped with Fried Basil.

We were then served an excellent creamy garlic soup.  The Cream went so well with the garlic!  It was very rich and delicious and yet a bit light and fluffy.

Creamy Garlic soup.

It was fun because Gunther also kept topping up our glasses with wine!  I don’t drink a lot so I got tipsy right away.

Guenther goes around the table pouring some wine.
Each dish was paired with a wine so at the end of a dinner we had 5-6 glasses of wine. I got incredibly tipsy. 🙂

The next dish that was served were Pralines from Tuna and Marlin.  The fish was encrusted with pepper and it went so well with the prawn and the sauce.

Pralines from Tuna and Marlin

While eating I asked Daniel if they could do half day classes, like for example I wanted to take my Korean students for a half day class and learn pizza making. I learned that yes, they are looking to do special events like that sometime in the future.  I’m certainly looking forward to it!

The main course was served and It was delicious Brazilian Beef served with pureed broccoli and cauliflower, red cabbage and cauliflower along with carrot chips! Excellent!  It was so good and the beef was moist tender and juicy.

The finished Beef with Duet of Broccoli and Cauliflower with Balsamic essence.

The dessert followed soon after.  It was Drunken Pears with Blue cheese.  This was a fantastic thing to taste.  As you eat it, your tongue tastes the pear.  After chewing a bit you suddenly taste the sharp blue cheese that is quickly replaced by a lingering sweetness.   Excellent!

Drunken Pear with Blue cheese! Excellent!  A roller coaster experience in taste!

The meal was ended with an excellent Semolina Flamerie with mango syrup and prunes soaked in Tanduay.

Semolina Flamerie with Prunes soaked in Tanduay

The Chefs pose for the camera after the successful Chef’s Table event.

Marcel, Guenther and David.  Thank you for having us!

For me I feel that B.A.C.A gives a much needed breath of fresh air to the culinary schools here in Bacolod.  Your teachers are all professionals and they teach European style cooking and international standards of food preparation and safety.  I’m certain that their graduates will truly excel in the culinary world!

You can get in touch with B.A.C.A via these following links:

Website: http://www.culinary-bacolod.com

Mobile: +63 906 335 7564
Phone: +63 35-422 4080

And that ends our Article!   I hope you guys enjoyed it!  If you did please click on the ads you see on this website in order to help support us bring more quality articles to you!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh my! Now I am getting excited. Darn I will have to skip the wine tasting experience though. buhuhuhu

  2. wine tasting yes we can do anytime if we have 5 interested people

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