Pan de Sal Express: Traditional Filipino breads

Martin of the Bacolod Food Hunters was invited to the opening of the latest Pan De Sal Express Branch.

Pan de Sal Express is one of those really nice bakeries that  have very strict quality control over their bread unlike tiny local bakeries that you see here and there.  They work clean and use top of the line equipment to produce our favorite bread.


I was first exposed to Pan De Sal express while working as an intern at Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Hospital.  Every 3 o’clock, the Nurses would call Pan De Sal Express at their Burgos Lacson branch.  A few moments later the brown paper bags filled with piping hot bread would arrive.  The nurses would offer to share with us a couple of pieces of pan de sal or my personal favorite; the spanish roll.

Freshly baked Hot pan de sal and spanish roll is SO GOOD.  I will always remember afternoons of seeing patients and knowing that there is one or two pieces of spanish roll waiting for me.

Freshly Baked goodies at Pan De Sal Express

We were shown the rows of bread dough stored securely ready for baking in a convection oven so the bread bakes rapidly but uniformly.  It took them only 10 minutes to bake a batch!

The bread is stored covered in plastic so no contamination from flies and insects are possible.
Taking out a tray.. ready to bake!
One of the premium type breads is the meat buns that Pan de Sal express has. Unlike the majority of meat buns, Pan de Sal’s express bread is soft and more like a stuffed oversized Pan de Sal.

 A lot of people were seen buying their bread during the opening.  The saleslady also said that they get orders from offices and banks to fill in the Negrense’s love of merienda!   They also carry some spreads and cheese so that in a pinch you could have delicious palaman to spread on your bread.


We had a lot of fun at Pan de Sal Express!  Thank you for having us over!  

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