Food Movies That You Mustn’t Miss!

All right, time to pop the popcorn, jump on the sofa and get ready to watch some movies about FOOD!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite food movies that are sure to inspire you and make you hungry!

1.) NAMETS! 

Namets is one of the must-watch movies if you’re a Bacoleno.  You will laugh out loud at the antics of the characters and discover the beauty of Bacolod.  By the time the film ends, you will be filled with pride and appreciation for our city of Bacolod and our culinary delicacies!.  Read our extensive review of the DVD here.

2.) Babette’s feast 

A woman named Babette fleeing the violence of the french revolution is taken in by two pious but impoverished sisters.  To repay their kindness, Babette decides to cook  an extravagant dinner.

3. Jiro dreams of Sushi

A documentary film about the life of a famous Japanese Sushi Chef.  MUST WATCH!!

4. Tampopo

A Japanese truck driver travelling across Japan stops to help Tampopo; a struggling mother  running a noodle shop.  The movie is fun, delightful and it will make you HUNGRY for a good bowl of Japanese Ramen.

5. El Bulli

A documentary about Ferran Adria and the world famous restaurant El Bulli where food meets science and art.

6. Jamie’s School Dinners

Chef Jamie Oliver tries to get kids to eat healthier food and from eating junk food.  You will be appalled to see what kids eat everyday for lunch!  Our favorite part is when the kids are unable to identify various vegetables but successfully identify logos of  fast food chains like mcdonalds!  (This video isn’t available for embedding so just click on watch on youtube to view it on the site.)

7. Supersize Me

If you love McDonald’s or Jollibee you’d better take a look at this documentary film of a man who ate only McDonald’s food for every meal as an experiment.

Have fun guys!!

2 comments on “Food Movies That You Mustn’t Miss!

  1. Have you seen Food, Inc.? It’s a documentary based in the US, but it gives a very interesting perspective on the way food is made these days (some of which inevitably find its way to our tables). Not for the faint of heart =)

    • Martin Banana

      yes we’re aware of food inc but what we were going for in the article was stuff that you could enjoy and watch over and over. 🙂 When we do food movies again we will include that along with some other stuff.

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