Chicken Inasal Masskara Chicken

Masskara Chicken: Chicken Inasal

Another new chicken inasal themed restaurant has just opened – Masskara chicken.  It is located near Robinson’s triangle on the site of the former Great wok of China restaurant.

Masskara chicken

It’s an open air type resto and the interior is clean and quite pleasing to look at.  We especially liked their doors and counters made up of beautiful reclaimed wood slats.

Masskara chicken’s beautiful counter and wall made up of reclaimed wood.

Service is great at this place with the waiter constantly offering to refill glasses and to grab orders of extra rice.  Some diners might dislike this approach because it might be a little too intrusive but for us it means good service.  The waiter just needs to have a little more finesse in interrupting conversations. But we really appreciated him offering the senior citizen discount on his own initiative, Now that’s good service and quick thinking on his part.

The interior of Masskara chicken
A closeup of a seating arrangement in Masskara Chicken. We love the little chicken wall mural.

The chicken at masskara chicken is good but it is so similar to other chicken inasal restaurants in Bacolod.  Down the street is Nena Rose II which is also another place serving chicken inasal.  Across the street in Robinson’s triangle. there’s another chicken Inasal restaurant…

Masskara Chicken’s excellent Inasal.
They even have your favorite odds and ends! 🙂

The prices are reasonable too.   Drop by Masskara chicken whenever you have the craving for chicken Inasal.


5 comments on “Masskara Chicken: Chicken Inasal

  1. Masskara Chicken Inasal looks like a nice place to eat with a good atmosphere. My wife and son never tire of the famous Bacolod chicken, so we will go to Masskara Chicken Inasal one day in the future. Thanks for sharing, Martin.

  2. I’m now a regular customer of Masskara Chicken Inasal. Their chicken is very good and can compete with that of its neighbor Nena Rose II. Service is good and no smokey air that fogs the place. Bright and good ambience with large car parking.

    I used to be a Nena Rose II chicken inasal enthusiasts and loyal customer but after that horrible incident when a cockroach (from under the table) ran onto my plate while still eating and watching TV at the same time… I and my family decided never to comeback to that place again. I would have felt better if the owner who was there at the time of the incident went out of her way to apologize but she never did (i think she was embarassed).
    I never finish my meal and I was insulted when billing out, I was told that I was given a P30 discount for the unfinish meal. An apology would have been better.

  3. An apology and *no charge* would have been appropriate. Anything less is not acceptable.

    ~ Gary ~

  4. grafted fruit trees,,,,,, way off topic but does anyone know where to buy grafted fruit trees, or do i need to wait until panaad starts

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