Dimsum and Noodles

L’Sea Dimsum and Noodle House

One of the most prominent chinese restaurants is the L’sea Chinese restaurant.  It is located right beside L’fisher hotel and takes up practically the whole ground floor of a commercial building.


L’sea serves your typical chinese food.  Service is great as the food is quickly served and comes your table piping hot and fast.  Everything is reasonably priced and the servings are adequate.

We ordered a favorite appetizer, seaweeds and Century egg.    Most people find century eggs to be a bit too strong for them due to the ammonia smell and taste.

Seaweeds with century egg

We also ordered a batch of Sweet and Sour pork.  It was excellent with the pork perfectly deep fried and crispy.  We ate it all up before it had a chance to get soggy and lose the delicious crispness.


The Yangchow rice was the weak point of our meal since it  tasted like leftover fried rice.  It was very dry and sparse in ingredients.

Anemic looking fried rice with a couple of dehydrated peas peeking out.

We had siomai and tea as our post meal relaxation ritual.  Nothing beats relaxing while eating Siomai and drinking tea.


Have you eaten at L’sea?  How was your experience?  Please do write us using the comments section!

5 comments on “L’Sea Dimsum and Noodle House

  1. Hi,

    I happen to love L’Sea Dimsum and Noodle House’s rice toppings, try the most sumptuous one – beef brisket, reasonably priced at 90php, one complete meal. I also tried soyed chicken, but brisket won me over. There’s sweet and sour pork too.
    Shrimp Tempura is also highly recommended.


  2. Their chicken feet is THE BOMB. Its sweet-spicy flavor will haunt you for days. It is THAT good. It tastes soooo much better than Harbour City’s chicken feet. Definitely a must try.

    • Martin Banana

      Wow Really? I must admit we considered ordering chicken feet at Lsea in the past but we will definitely try it now thanks to your recommendation 🙂

  3. I always loved eating in L’Sea; Seaweed’s w/ century eggs is a must on our table whenever we eat there. hehehe We like the chicken feet (spicy), quail egg siomai, buttered chicken, shrimp balls, and a lot more. Everything is delicious. 🙂

  4. rody mae

    the people around there was mababait.. promise hahaha..
    l’sea is the best..
    best in food. ever.. mwaaah..

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