Cafe Uma: Simply the best pasta in Bacolod.

The Bacolod Food Hunters were craving for pasta.  It had been so long since they tasted a plate of the really good italian stuff.

After much prodding, Martin was cajoled into joining the gang at Cafe Uma.   Martin walked in, took one look at the prices on the menu and nearly hit the ceiling.

Fortunately Pat and Joe calmed Martin down long enough to persuade him to try the “best pasta” in Bacolod.

Cafe Uma

Cafe Uma is a restaurant located right beside L’fisher.  They specialize in Pizza and Pasta and other italian stuff.  The food here is great but a bit pricy.  However, the serving sizes are huge and worth every penny.

We ordered Chorizo Quesadillas as an appetizer. It consisted of chorizo slices, corn and tomato sauce sandwiched between pita bread. Really good stuff.

What would the meal be without the pasta? We ordered a cream pesto pasta with slices of grilled smoked salmon.  Excellent and satisfying!

“Sorry guys,but I’m not sharing my pasta. The Smoked SALMON’S ALL MINE MUWAHAHAHAHA” – Martin

We also ordered this pasta dish that was excellent!  You could really taste the wine spices the chef used in making the creamy tomato sauce.  Each bite was simply a pleasure.   We’re definitely coming back for more of this the next time we drop by.

Orgasm galore.

Since the Bacolod Food Hunters also have a twisted sense of taste and food humor, we ordered CANSI for laughs (to wash off the italian taste of our food.) It was an interesting pairing! (Pasta and Cansi?!)  The Cansi was great and even came with a dollop of babaganoush (toasted eggplant paste).

Cafe Uma’s Cansi

To wreak further havok on our digestive system, we topped it off with warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  Now our meal was truly multi cultural.  (Italian-Filipino-American!)

The apple pie was great with the ice cream.

What’s the most bizarre food pairing combination you guys have ever tried?  Please let us know in the comments below!

4 comments on “Cafe Uma: Simply the best pasta in Bacolod.

  1. I’ve been to Cafe Uma and tried their smoked salmon pasta. The prices are bit high by Bacolod standards, but I must say that the pasta was perfect. Worth every penny. The service was good, too. Unfortunately I cannot afford to eat there regularly.

  2. Very good place with awesome pesto pizza, I would rate their pizza to be up to par with a nice slice from any New York pizza. It can be a bit pricey but it’s well worth it!

  3. jason ang

    vanilla ice cream & fried chicken or french fries…just love it….

  4. Time to get myself back in that place, great food!

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