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Great Panda Amusement: Arcade Games, PC gaming and 4d theatre!

Parents of Bacolod listen up!  If you think the downtown area is not worth visiting and would rather take your kids to the malls for a good time then YOU are seriously missing out.  One of the most awesome places to visit in downtown Bacolod is Great Panda Amusement!

Great Panda Amusement’s huge neon sign at night.

Great Panda is a family entertainment center that is incomparable to any other in Bacolod.  It features the latest state of the art videogames on high resolution monitors, kiddie rides that actually work and are well painted, the latest dance and rhythm games along with carnival style ticket games.   Once you visit you can’t help but see how CRAPPY the video game machines are at Quantum Robinson’s and SM is.

A state of the art shooter game with HD wide screen!!
The latest fighting games!!  All the arcade games are in HD with high resolution video screens!
Marvel Vs Capcom 3.
Elaborate Kiddie rides!
A young Bacolena dancing on the latest dance game.
Feel like a rockstar in this elaborate music game complete with stage and flashing lights!

The 4D theatre at great panda is also worth checking out.  It seats 4 (well actually SIX because they crowd you) and you pick rides.

NEVER EVER pick AVATAR or ROLLERCOASTER as your movie to watch.  Avatar especially sucks because it is simply 3d footage pirated from the Avatar movie.

You endure watching scenes of Jake riding his Toruk for 5 minutes..  I use the word ENDURE because on screen, Jake flies his Toruk smoothly, gliding effortlessly above Pandora’s forests.  However the stupid chinese pirate creators of the ride make the ride so bumpy and they JOLT you RANDOMLY.  Maybe because if they didn’t put in the jolts, there would be no ride because on-screen the flying is SMOOTH and relaxing.   Trust us and AVOID this particularly horrid film.  Choose the others.

That being said, go upstairs for the most awesome PC gaming experience you will have on NEGROS ISLAND.

300 computers, widescreen HD monitors, deluxe comfy seats, Webcam. High end headsets.  This is a gamer’s paradise.

Pure gaming bliss.

Great Panda is located at Araneta Avenue near the Public Plaza.  Have fun!!


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