Are you brave enough?

Are you brave enough?

We were all hanging out at Dana Mini Mart  just looking for korean snacks and noodles when all of a sudden we spotted several WEIRD food items that we had to try in the name of SCIENCE…

Our comic avatars will now present last night’s misadventure.


Want more comics? Head to

Here’s the pictures of the silkworm pupa in all its unedited glory!

Does anyone want to try moon snails?




10 comments on “Are you brave enough?

  1. Oh no. I’m not brave enough! Really weird stuff.

  2. Martin,

    I will pass on the silkworms. We spent 9 years in mainland China and in Hong Kong before we moved back to the Philippines in 2009. The night market in Beijing has all the BBQ insects, including centipedes, and even scorpions. I did try the grilled bumble bee with the honey center but it was seriously like eating a cockroach in my mind! Very crunchy and I wanted to ask, “Where is the honey?”

    My wife recently introduced me to something she referred to as “shells.” Not green shells, aka mussels, but shells! They were small, spiral shells and the morsel inside was green colored. I ate a few to say I tried them. I forget the local name but would just say that were an aquatic snail. Not bad but not my favorite.

    Have a good one! Thanks for the Science of Food!

    ~ Gary ~

  3. Martin Banana

    Thanks… You should visit Dana mini mart and sodam soon!

  4. Interested

    Hallo where is this Dana mart? I want to purchase lol. In the name of science…

  5. Martin Banana

    Dana mart is beside doctors hospital.. (In the building next to Jollibee La Salle)

  6. Agent47

    I don’t know how accurate this is but I’ve heard several times that the burger McDo is made of cultured silkworms.

  7. I had heard that, too. Had also heard the McDo Burger is made from earthworms and cow eyeballs. However, McDo holds true to their claim that all burgers are made with 100% USDA inspected beef, without additives, fillers or extenders.

    I enjoy grilling burgers at home on the BBQ grill. No lean ground beef for me, as the ground beef with some fat is good for burgers and good for the taste buds, too!

  8. Martin Banana

    meh… Don’t remind me of silkworms! I never want to taste one again!

  9. I also bought a can of silkworms from Dana Mart. i sauteed them for a bit with garlic. It tasted nutty and almost like the locusts or “apan” I enjoyed a long time ago.

  10. hahaha eeww…

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