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Sodam Korean restaurant. Spicy hot fun

The Bacolod Food hunters had known about Sodam restaurant before but had never gotten around to reviewing it because of several factors.

1.) One of our members (Pat) really hates spicy food and kimchi.

2.) Dr Retovado had written an excellent review about Sodam already! 

However Dr Retovado urged us to visit Sodam Restaurant and even encouraged the Bacolod Food Hunters to write about it.  So after several months of persuasion Pat decided to try Korean Food and so the Bacolod Food Hunters went off to Sodam!!

Sodam at Lacson Street
Sodams counter with Kimch laid out.

We liked Sodam right away.  The interior was clean and well-lit and the airconditioner was on full blast!  Everything seemed to have a nice warm glow due to the lighting and the pink wallpaper.  The friendly staff set us up at a table and left us alone to peruse the menu.

Our appetizers arrived and it was very good! Cabbage heart kimchi, regular kimchi and cucumber slices.  Kimchi is fermented pickled vegetables and it is perfectly safe to eat.

Crunchy Delicious Kimchi!!

One of the dishes that we got was this korean stew which featured a crazy assortment of dumplings, vegetables, noodles, egg, fish sausage and slices of cheese all mixed up in a sweet gochujang sauce.  Although the sauce was sweetish, it was still very spicy prompting us to ask for softdrinks.  Much to our surprise the waiter gave out free softdrinks! (Standard restaurant practice!!!)

The most awesome match-up of ingredients ever!

We ordered beef bulgogi and it was perfect with lots of sweetish sauce and it went so well with our bowl of rice!

Beef Bulgogi

We also ordered some kimbap to round out the monster meal that we had.  Kimbap is korean sushi and it comes stuffed with ham, cucumbers, pickles and all sorts of stuff.


We also chose Korean Pata tim which was very interesting.  It is sliced Ham hocks that you wrap with a leaf of chinese cabbage and dip into crushed ginger and chili sauce.  Very good!

Pata tim?

Sodam is a great fun place to eat at.  The food is spicy hot and perfect for those who love veggies and spicy food.  Sodam is great for family dinners or for adventurous barkadas!  Try them out!

Sodam is Located at Lacson Street.

Opening Hours 4pm – 1am

Telephone number: (034) 432 6357


8 comments on “Sodam Korean restaurant. Spicy hot fun

  1. im glad you tried it out…. i want to eat there again!

  2. this is just off topic.. but you need to do a review on Adham’s resto sa Metrodome… great Persian teas and their chicken biryani is to die for…

    • Martin Banana

      we went there some time ago and the service has gone down a LOT. The food SUCKS and that place shares office space now with a health food company. That place is in its death throes. Let it die a dignified death.

  3. how about the price was it reasonable????

  4. i am an avid fan of you site since 2008 pa and been following your reviews ever since , try nyo ang UBERAS BBQ along circumferential road near panasiatic the bbq there is cheap but very delicious ask for a free kansi soup to pair it with and you’ll die with satisfaction !!!

  5. Martin Banana

    hi raffy, Yes the prices are very reasonable! Make sure however that you know what you’re ordering para hindi sayang yung inoorder mo.

    Thanks for the tip. We’ll try it very soon… as of now we’re all in the depths of diablo 3 addiction

  6. how much can we spend if we dine for two? thanks!

  7. Voraciousarentwe

    Please include prices in your reviews, yeah we understand how great the food is, but, it’ll be hlepful if we know the price

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