Lechon in Bacolod

“Let’s have Lechon for Easter sunday!”

Everybody’s ears perked up at this suggestion. It has been a long boring Holy Week Holiday for the Bacolod Food Hunters with only fish and eggs to eat.

“Where’s the best place for lechon then?”  Martin asked?   “Are we ordering an entire roast pig? ”  Martin then began leafing hurriedly through Claude Tayag’s Food Tour book.  “I think I can contact this excellent lechon guy Mr. Tayag recommended.”

Everybody agreed that a whole roast pig was out of the question. Most of the people in the group just loved to pick at the skin and leave the rest of the meat..  which was a HUGE waste.

“Okay that settles it.  We’re going to the Lechon place in Bacolod!”

There’s a spot in Araneta Avenue in Bacolod which has stalls selling Lechon!

Ever since Martin was little, he could remember his family stopping at Araneta Avenue to buy a kilo or two of Lechon before heading out to visit his grandmother’s house south of Bacolod.

It was raining at Araneta Avenue when we arrived but already the place was doing brisk business with entire lechons being bought by Bacoleños for their Easter Lunch.

Customers brave the rain and the mud to buy from their favorite stall.

“Does anyone here have a favorite stall?” asks Martin.  “My Grandmother’s favorite is Juan’s lechon.  She says the skin is really tasty and the meat is well seasoned and flavorful”

This stall sells everything you need with Lechon, from rice to lechon sauce!

It was fun as we passed by the Lechon Stalls.  Every tindero/tindera called out to us and handed out pieces of crispy lechon skin as free samples proclaiming that their lechon was the best!

A man prepares a lechon for pickup
Juan’s Lechon. Just look at that golden brown CRISP, CRUNCHY crackling skin. YUMMY!!

Got any favorite Lechon stalls/cooks?  Share them at our facebook page!

Happy Easter EVERYBODY!!

10 comments on “Lechon in Bacolod

  1. Hey, I know where those lechon stalls are. We normally do our own lechon baboy when we do the whole pig but a whole pig, as you know and posted, is just too much for only a few people.

    Without getting too much off topic, we had crab for Easter lunch. Fat ones. We bought the entire bucket from the lady fish vendor who came around Sunday morning. Good eating, too. I knew a lady in the Philippines who lived to be 103 and the last 60 years of her life, she mostly ate crabs and rice, twice a day. She claimed that was the key to her longevity! I don’t know about all that but she sure lived a long, happy life and she was in good health, too, when she passed away. The years just caught up with her. Her only vice was chewing tobacco!

    I like the ribs of the roasted pig and a little of the skin. With sarsa. I am not 60 yet but I have been cutting down on the fat in my diet.

    Thanks, as always, for the great blog!

  2. Thanks! Crabs for easter lunch sounds wonderful!

    I’m impressed that you do the whole pig.. The last time we had a whole pig cooked was when I was around 7 years old and they brought a piglet in 3 days before my birthday which was WRONG because it gave me ample time to make friends with the piglet, play with it and call it my best friend. 🙂

    There were tears on my birthday and a screaming fit that lasted three hours…. Then my lola pointed out that the pig was DEAD, that I loved lechon and the pig would be so happy if I ate him since he was DEAD anyway. So I ate the pig. He tasted great!

  3. Great story there, Martin! With a happy ending. I never got close to the pigs we turned into lechon. We were raising 15 pigs year ’round until last year and we sold them all after the caretaker left. We also have chickens, too, but I don’t eat the ones I know. I have one prized Darag hen from Iloiilo and no one dares to eat that one. She is constantly with chicks, it seems. Had her for going on 3 years now. For real!

    We put the pig on a bamboo pole and roast it over hot coals. Stuffed with lemon grass and other herbs and spices. My youngest brother in law is the greatest about making lechon baboy. He is ready to go at the drop of the hat, too, as all he needs is the pig!

    We have a farm about 45 klicks south of Bacolod in the Hinigaran Area. But we spend most of our time in the city. Bacolod City.

    Have a great week!

    ~ Gary ~

  4. This post gives me a feeling of nostalgia as I remember my family buying lechon from those stalls along Araneta, too, as a kid. i have always loved the free lechon skin they give away. LOL.

    Cool post, and really nice blog, by the way. I’m a foodie myself, so it’s not a wonder how I got to your site. Keep posting! 🙂

  5. hey, anybody knows the contact number of juan lechon stall?


    • thanks a lot mr.martin.we do appreciate your post.this may leave there no..(0344538543/0344335917)just look 4 Mr.Jojo Acebuche.GOD BLESS.

  6. jsarahina

    not helpful. di man lang nilagay kung magkano ung per kilo and whole lechon

    PRICING 4000, 4,500, 5000, 5,500 , 6,000

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