Aboy’s: Great food and great service!

The number one guide to Bacolod Food and Restaurants:  The Bacolod Food Hunters.

It was Masskara once again and the Bacolod Food Hunters were busy entertaining guests.  What better way to welcome people to Bacolod than a meal at Aboy’s goldenfield?


Aboy’s was all decked out for Masskara.  The place was packed full with hungry tourists and Bacolenos.  Max capacity!!

A table at Aboy’s.

Even though the place was full the food was well cooked, delicious and QUICK to arrive!  Service was also excellent!   Our guests enjoyed every minute of their stay!

Aboy’s fish sinigang
Fresh Lumpia!
Sinugba na baboy
Tangigue steak
Binagoongan and laing


We’d like to thank Aboy’s for making our guests feel welcome and for their quick and excellent service!

7 comments on “Aboy’s: Great food and great service!

  1. I have heard of, but have not tasted, the “secret” on the menu of Aboy’s shared mostly in whispers. “Squid Fat Adobo.” A few friends have told me about this unctuous offering of the restaurant that is so sought after that you must be there before opening time to wage war for a serving.

  2. Martin Banana

    I know! 🙂 Totally forgot to order it!

  3. but have you tried it before? Namit gid man? I want to have a taste of it soon.

  4. thats bicol express, not binagoongan

  5. Went to Aboy’s earlier tonight and ordered their Ginataang Pagui (Stingray stewed in cocomilk, tender and with a tinge of spice), Pangat (similar to laing with a smokier flavor, wow!) and the Squid Fat Adobo!! Had to wait and extra 10 mins for the adobo to cook, meaning it was a fresh batch. It was really good to start with, until I decided to experiment by topping it on plain rice and adding drops of calamansi juice on it. It turned out even BETTER! Try it! 😀

  6. anonymous

    i think Aboy’s is quite good. The food that they serve does not taste bad anyway. But I would say it’s just above average. Their pork sisig is okay. Their blue marlin is so-so; it’s dry. Their bicol express is quite good though my cooking is definitely WAY better. Their servings are just about exact – not too much, not too little.

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