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Luisa’s Fried Chicken: Fried Chicken and Garlic Spareribs!

Luisa’s Fried chicken is Bacolod City’s most famous fried chicken restaurant. In a city that loves barbecued chicken, Luisa stands out for offering the original Chinese style fried chicken in Bacolod city.

Luisa’s Fried Chicken has been in operation for more than 25 years now. The location is still the same. They’re still at the Se Ho Lim Bldg., Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping, Bacolod City

Here’s a photo of the old Luisa.  The floors are dingy, the walls are cracked and peeling but this place serves perfectly fried chicken and the most garlic-filled fried spareribs in Bacolod. This place drew crowds and it still does 25 years later!

Luisa fried Chicken.

The old owner, Mr. Joseph Hao was also the waiter of the place.  Customers would come in and be served by a nice, smiling old Chinese man with a killer goatee.  Decoration was very minimal in this place except for a framed jigsaw puzzle of a kitten on the stained walls.

Now, 26 years later, the owner’s son Kenderson Hao remodeled and revamped the place, making it a modern and cleaner location where everyone can come and enjoy his family’s favorite fried chicken and garlic spareribs!

The new Luisa’s Fried chicken!

Gone are the old seats, the stained walls. Everything is new and it looks pleasant and better lit! You won’t be ashamed to bring your guests here.

Luisa’s fried chicken can now accommodate more diners

Kenderson Hao also streamlined the menu, He decided to focus on just 5 items on the menu – Luisa’s best selling items.

Fried chicken, Machang, Maki, Garlic Spareribs and Sweet and sour pork are Luisa’s fried chicken’s best sellers.
We ordered our favorites! We got Garlic Spareribs, Machang and Fried chicken.

The hallmark fried chicken is very good. It’s perfectly fried and it comes with a tasty Chinese style sauce.  The skin is tender, crisp and delicate. The sauce is what makes it super tasty so ask for extra.

Luisa Fried chicken

We also had the famous garlic spareribs.  Let me warn you, you really shouldn’t eat this stuff if you’re a vampire!  🙂  If you’re the type who likes the fried garlic in roasted peanuts or who just likes garlic in particular, this dish is for you.

It is fried spare-ribs encrusted all over with cloves of fried garlic!

The garlic taste is so strong, you need more than a soda to wash it away.  It’s so good and garlicky! It’s like you can kill vampires with your breath after eating.

Another of our favorites is Machang – Chinese sticky rice balls filled with meat and other fillings. What sets this apart from regular Japanese rice balls is that the Machang uses seasoned glutinous rice making it much more flavorful!

Machang at Luisa’s Fried Chicken

Luisa’s fried chicken is big, flavorful and already a meal in itself!

Check out Luisa’s Fried Chicken at their official Facebook.

Luisa’s Fried Chicken is located at Se Ho Lim Bldg., Narra Avenue, Capitol Shopping, Bacolod City.
Luisa’s Fried Chicken opening hours: Monday to Saturday 1030am – 1:30pm then 4:00pm-6:00pm

12 comments on “Luisa’s Fried Chicken: Fried Chicken and Garlic Spareribs!

  1. St. Alia of the Knife

    This looks ‘effin delicious! How much for the chicken and pork? I was looking at the picture of the clucker and it looks like the classic Savoury fried chicken..

  2. Martin Banana


  3. they also have the best Ba-chang (is that how they spell it??) in town! 55 pesos lang for one serving!

  4. This little hole-in-the-wall is one-of-a-kind. (pardon the hyphens) The fried chicken and garlic spareribs are really different from anything I have tasted anywhere. Too bad my Luisa eating partners are quite busy with their own lives that we have not been here for more than a year.
    It is also located along Narra Avenue, which has the craziest sidewalk in the world! Rising and falling and even getting lost. A small trek from one end to another is a hop and skip adventure.
    Keep on blogging. And keep that honesty in writing that makes your reviews fair and balanced 🙂

  5. thanks for this wonderful rediscovery… will drop by Luisa and try it out… way pa City Lunch for the lumpia?

    • Martin Banana

      Hehe doc, I don’t really like Fresh Lumpia so I am not qualified to review anything that has to do with it! LOL

  6. @ Jayjay – Ma-Chang to some. Try adding a combo of sweet ketchup and hot sauce or chili sauce, a burst of sweet and spicy meat and sticky rice. 🙂

  7. It’s Ma-Chang and I have to agree that it is the best in the city. I find my comfort foods from this place. They close early though so be there before 5pm.

  8. I love bacolodfoodhunters!
    Lord! Lord! gid ya kung parti bacolod food and resto ang istoryahan.
    I’ll try to go there and hope this time katoltol na gid ang trisikad driver.
    Thanks Bacolodfoodhunters for such a wonderful and “mouth-watering” blog 😀

  9. Emmanuel Gonzalez

    you should also try their Daylight Chicken, its steamed chicken with a rich amount of ginger sauce. its so good!

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