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Hops Grill House – Rabbit meat and dishes in Bacolod City!

We went to Hops Grill House for lunch to try out their rabbit dishes! They’re the first ever Rabbit restaurant in Bacolod city. Hops Grill House also sells Rabbit Meat that you can cook at home. They call it Lapan meat.

When we looked up the definition of Lapan online, Lapan means the meat of a castrated rabbit. Hmm.. odd.

Hops Grill House is currently igniting a lot of discussion online about Rabbits with some divided on eating the cute critters or not. We decided to go and see what the fuss about the meat was about!

Hop Grill house is located at the food court compound at 23rd Street Corner Lacson, BS Aquino Drive, Bacolod City , Negros Occidental, Philippines. Opening hours Monday to Saturday 9am-7pm

Hops Grill House is tucked right in the middle of the food court compound. Very hidden and not visible from the road at all. When we arrived, we were just in time to see the Hops Grill house staff grilling the rabbits on a spit and the rabbit kebabs on a grill.

It was fun to see the rabbit being roasted. It was quite long and not all scrunched up.

Hops Grill house uses a lot of Rosemary and spices in their grilled rabbit

Rabbit is surprisingly meaty, kind of like a dense type of chicken. Very protein packed. These Kebabs are already super meaty despite their small size.

Grilled Rabbit Kebabs

We ordered the items on Hops Grill House’s menu that we thought would be the most representative of rabbit dishes. Hops doesn’t have any European Rabbit dishes and its mostly Filipino style rabbit dishes on their menu.

We got Rabbit Sisig, A quarter of a rabbit, and rabbit barbecue or kebabs. The rest of the menu did not interest us at all as it looked too “Filipino”.

Rabbit Barbecue (kebabs), sisig and Rabbit Lechon.

🐇Rabbit Sisig – I honestly could not tell the difference between regular sisig.. If you add sauce and spices – it’s just like sisig – a Filipino traditional dish made with pork cheeks.

🐇Rabbit Lechon – Served like lechon manok – Hops has a delicious herbal blend (plenty of rosemary) that makes the rabbit taste delicious. The skin is a cross between lechon baboy skin and chicken skin. It’s not crispy but soft and not easily punctured by your fork!

Hops Grill House has really good lechon sauce to eat with the rabbit.

Rabbit Lechon

🦴 Bone hazard! There are quite a few bones/ribs in the lechon. Younger kids and seniors might need assistance in eating the rabbit.

Rabbit Kebabs are the easiest and most accessible dish.

The rabbit kebabs are surprisingly meaty, thick and they came with a rabbit meatball stuck on top. Lol. Surprisingly filling and meaty. There’s not much fat on it.

🐇Rabbit Meat is available at 450 a kilo -message them for orders and rates. Foreigners and Gourmands might want to buy some meat to prepare European style rabbit dishes at home. The Rabbit dishes at Hops Grill House are mostly Filipino dishes to make it accessible to the public.

Update: We went back a second time with more friends – the owner experimented by having skinless rabbit which surprised me. Was not expecting a major change in the menu. It’s like ordering a burger and suddenly the restaurant decides to have no buns.

Skinless rabbit is good but I was looking forward to showing my friends how rabbit looks just like chicken cooked lechon style. Consistency is a key part of any business so if this is your first time, I recommend returning some other time when they have skin-on rabbit lechon.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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