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Ho Mei Do Bacolod : Hong Kong Roast Duck and Chinese food platters in Bacolod City.

Ho Mei Do Bacolod is here! Ho Mei Do Bacolod serves delicious Hong Kong style roast duck, char siu pork, roast pork and noodles. Ho Mei Do Bacolod has reopened in their new location – The Shophouse Heritage in Bacolod’s Shopping area on Narra Avenue.

Ho mei do is located in The Shophouse heritage in front of Sodam.

There’s so many awesome things to see and do in The Shophouse heritage. There’s The Dhaba Indian restaurant, Sodam, a Yoga place, the crookie and an Indian grocery. Today we went to visit Ho Mei Do.

Ho Mei Do means delicious in Cantonese. The owners of Ho Mei Do Bacolod also run the famous Delicious restaurant located in Eroreco, Bacolod City. You will see the owner, Dennis Villanueva, preparing the food at the Ho Mei Do stall!

Roast duck
Steamed chicken.

There’s quite a few items on Ho Mei Do’s menu. You can have Char Siu, Roast Pork, Roast Duck and steamed chicken! You can also combine two kinds of meat into a platter!

Ho Mei Do Bacolod’s menu

We ordered a combo meal to show you guys the different things available at Ho Mei Do! We selected the char siu pork and the roast pork.

Char Siu pork and Siu Yuk. The combination comes with onion and ginger and chinese pechay. Everything is served on a bed of rice.

It’s quite a large portion and very good platter. It is a good deal for the price. The flavor evokes Singaporean and HK hawker-style cuisine.

We ordered the roast duck. It’s delicious and also comes served on rice and the garnishings. Highly recommended.

To our knowledge, Ho Mei Do is the only restaurant selling roast duck rice meals in Bacolod City.

Ho Mei Do Bacolod also has several noodle dishes. We ordered their beef brisket noodles to try.

The beef brisket noodles had plenty of chunks of beef, lots of noodles, a mushroom and bok choy. Very filling for just 210 pesos. Better than that FastOw chinese fastfood chain!

Ho Mei Do Bacolod is currently on its soft opening and is experiencing high volume of customers. Please be kind! You can contact them for now at their official Facebook page:

Ho Mei Do Bacolod’s telephone number is 0969 435 6057

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