Porchetta Domini: Awesome Lechon Belly In Bacolod City.

Looking for Lechon Belly in Bacolod City? Porchetta Domini has an awesome Lechon Belly that’s super tasty and CRUNCHY!

Porchetta Domini is a home based business in Bacolod City that creates awesome lechon belly inspired by the Italian Porchetta – a roll of roasted pork with skin on.

More simply, it is lechon in a roll.

Porchetta Domini takes it even further by using Asian techniques to make the skin even crunchier because the highlight of Lechon for Filipinos is the crunchy, flavorful skin.

Porchetta Domini’s lechon is also cooked in such a way that most of the fat is rendered out but the meat remains flavorful moist and tender!

The lechon belly comes with two types of sauces, a Thai inspired vinaigrette and a peanut based sauce. Additional sauce is available upon request but you don’t need it as the Porchetta is tasty on its own!

You can order your Porchetta from Porchetta Domini’s Facebook Page. Just send them a direct message!


Telephone ☎️ 09178993530

You can choose two flavors:

Spicy or not spicy

  • 2 Kilos – 1,200
  • 3 Kilos – 1,800 (special order)
  • 4 Kilos – 2,400 (special order)

The box also comes with reheating instructions but most of the time you won’t need it as not a scrap will be left behind! Super tasty!

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

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