Sanders Coffee and Sausages Downtown Bacolod: A classy café with old town charm.

Here’s a story about a classy café in a very unexpected place. In Bacolod City, one of the oldest buildings is the Sohoco building that dates around World War 2. You can see traces of the pre war architecture, with the curved awnings and circular windows. This building was also the site of a Hotel – the now defunct Hotel Miramar and this building also survived the 1955 great fire of Bacolod that turned most of the downtown area to ash.

So what do you do with this building brimming with history? Why, turn it into a café of course!

Sanders Coffee and Sausages is a local, homegrown restaurant chain in Bacolod City. They have multiple branches that are super popular and their latest branch is their Downtown branch at the old Sohoco building. They grabbed the corner space and fixed it up !

The interior of Sanders Coffee and Sausages downtown is gorgeous. The interior is painted white and the emphasis is on the vintage wooden ceiling. There are large windows that let the customers have a view of the busy streets outside. Very nice and picturesque. The windows are pretty thick too so the noise from all the jeeps outside cant be heard.

There is a grand function room at Sanders Coffee and Sausages Downtown. It’s 3,000 pesos to reserve that room at the time of writing this article. The fee is consumable, meaning you can order 3,000 pesos worth of food and get use of the room.

To get to the room you have to climb up this flight of stairs – and if you are an antique lover, you are greeted with a pleasant surprise at the top…

Fans of antiques will like the refurbished chair, antique lamp and mirror!

The food in Sanders Coffee and Sausages is a nice mix of Western and Filipino dishes. Naturally, you have the usual Filipino favorite – Hungarian sausages on the menu but we decided to opt for something different as most of you readers know what a Hungarian sausage looks like.

We opted to get the Sanders specialty – their famous chicken pesto, a clubhouse sandwich and for extra in between, fried vegetable spring rolls or lumpia.

Nine pieces of fried vegetable Lumpia cost just 120 pesos at the time of writing this article. The lumpia came with a sweet chili sauce. It’s a lot of lumpia. Definitely meant to be shared!

Sanders Coffee and Sausages downtown also has great sandwiches. This Clubhouse sandwich is a great deal at 140 pesos. It already comes with fries and is quite substantial! There’s plenty of ham, egg and bacon. This is way more enjoyable than a burger at Jollibee.

We’ve saved the most popular dish for last – Sanders Coffee and Sausages’ creamy chicken pesto is just oozing with butter, “pesto” and corn. It’s one of the signature dishes that people in Bacolod love!

As you dine at Sanders Coffee and Sausages Downtown, take a look at the tables! They’re made from old cast iron sewing machines!

Wow, even the foot pedal is intact!

Another nice detail are the wall lamps. They’re in the neo classical design and look very pretty and graceful.

Sanders Coffee and Sausages Downtown branch is a very nice restaurant. It is the only “chill” and relaxing café near the middle of downtown Bacolod. There’s no restaurant like it for blocks! A perfect place to rest, have a bite and recharge while exploring the city.

Sanders Coffee and Sausages Downtown branch

is located at Corner Locsin and Cuadra streets Bacolod City

Telephone number (034) 4369335
Sanders Coffee and Sausages Downtown branch opens from 8am -10pm – opening hours may be adjusted due to pandemic.

The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any freebies, incentives or money for this article. We paid for our own food. We practice ethical blogging.

3 comments on “Sanders Coffee and Sausages Downtown Bacolod: A classy café with old town charm.

  1. Brainiac Jones

    what? No coffee? No sausages ordered? What’s the place called again…Sanders Coffee and Sausages? Who’s ‘Sanders’? Is he or she a Filipino? Or a puti who opened this? How long have they been around? Chris

  2. I actually like their location. Indeed daw wala gid chill place sa downtown area. Chicken pesto it is for me and the kids.

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