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ChungChun Rice Corn Dog now in Bacolod!

It’s finally here! Korean food lovers in Bacolod City will enjoy getting a taste of a popular Korean streetfood – the Korean Corndog!

If you’re looking to try this popular snack head over to Chung Chun Rice Corn Dog at SM Bacolod’s Northwing foodcourt!

We opted to use FoodPanda to have our corndogs delivered. They arrived, fresh, hot and tasty! Here’s what we ordered.

Mozza Potato and Ramen Corn Dogs with mild Sriracha sauce.

Korean style Corn dogs are very different from normal regular Corn Dogs. The Korean ‘dogs are battered then dipped into panko breadcrumbs and toppings. The fillings are also varied too. It can be a combination of cheese (Koreans love cheese!) and sausage or any other fillings.


Let’s look at what we ordered from Chung Chun Rice Corn dog Bacolod!

Mozza Potato or Mozzarella Cheese Hotdog.

This corndog is our absolute favourite. The outside is crusted with potato bits and the inside is stuffed with half mozzarella cheese and half Korean sausage. It is quite fun to pull on the stretchy mozzarella cheese. We opted to have mild sriracha sauce with this one.

Chung Chun Rice Corn Dog has a lot of sauces but we’re going to say it now to save time – the best one is their mild Sriracha sauce. It’s a sweetish-spicy sriracha sauce that goes with everything!

Yum yum. All gone!

The Ramen Corndog is encrusted with Ramen bits and encases a Korean Sausage. For us , the crispy Ramen wasn’t as tasty as the potato squares. (Sorry, Ramen fans!)

We paired this with a cheese sauce but then ended up using the mild sriracha sauce instead. (We can’t get enough of that sauce!)

Crunchy Ramen bits!

Here’s what the Ramen dog looks like inside.

The most interesting dog is the Squid ink batter Korean Corn Dog. Squid ink is mixed in with the batter which gives the Corn dog a distinct taste. The inside is then filled with mozarella cheese and at the far end, a sausage is cut into strings.

The whole thing looks like a tempura!

This makes us crave for tempura.

This is an interesting flavor combination that is worth trying at least once.

Give Chung Chun Rice Corn dogs a try. The ‘dogs are pretty filling and quite unique. You can order from their stall or use Grab or Food Panda. There’s more to their menu so please check out the other ‘dogs, sauces and flavors!

Official Facebook Page:

Telephone number: 0919 544 2279

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