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Craving Mediterranean Food in Bacolod City? Try Tita Pita –

Looking for Mediterranean food? Tita Pita delivers Mediterranean food straight to your doorstep. Tita Pita has also opened its second branch in Bacolod City.

Tita Pita has the best pita bread and shawarma in Bacolod city. The owner, an arab from the middle east says that there is no such thing as a “thin pita” in their establishment. They serve only THICK arabic bread.

Tita Pita second branch is located at 📣 Number 7 La Salle Avenue
☎️ Telephone: 09459624300

We were curious to see what they had to offer so we made an order. Wow, they did not disappoint! What a spread! We got hummus (which came with two free pitas) falafel and beef shawarma.

Hummus is a dip made with garbanzos (chickpeas), olive oil and tahini (sesame seed paste). Very meaty tasting. One of the most popular Middle Eastern foods.

Tita Pita’s hummus with onions and mushrooms.
Hummus for take out – This is so delicious, especially with the Pita bread.

Tita Pita also has Babaganoush: An eggplant dip that is super delicious and creamy.

Another of Tita Pita’s best sellers are their Falafel balls and Falafel Sandwich.

Falafel is ground up chickpeas, herbs, spices shaped into balls and deep fried. It’s a healthy, vegetarian snack that is rich and protein.

Falafel balls

Tita Pita has thick pitas for their falafel sandwiches – They open one up and fill with salad and falafel balls. It’s a filling treat!

Remember those thick pitas? They’re big for a reason. You can open them up and stuff them with your favourite fillings.

A stuffed beef kebab sandwich

We tried Tita Pita’s beef shawarma. It’s shawarma and salad inside a thick pita. Extremely good and filling. They have Significantly more meat than other shawarma stalls here in Bacolod City.

Yummy Yummy!
The beef shawarma is so good and super filling!
There’s so many things inside the shawarma! Yo uget fried eggplant, onions and a lot of beef!

Here’s the Menu of Tita Pita Bacolod: They’re open Mondays to Saturdays 10am to 7pm.
Due to high volume of orders, please expect a delivery delay. The wait is definitely worth it.

They have FREE DELIVERY if you call them directly. Simply place your order by sending them a text here on their page or via cellphone.

09459624300 (Globe)
09205083737 (Smart)

Facebook Page:

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