La Comuna café

Here’s another beautiful restaurant that you must visit when you’re in Bacolod City.  La Comuna Café is one of the most visually striking and appealing cafés in Bacolod City.

La Comuna café is located on Kamunsil street, Bacolod City – near the University of Saint La Salle high school building. It is a large cafe, easily visible from the road.


The outdoor dining area is decorated with plenty of plants and hanging baskets that house light fixtures.  It is quite cool and relaxing to sit in the outdoor dining area.

La Comuna café has a green wall where they have their name set up in lights against a verdant wall bursting with plants. Very creative and eye catching.  This area is also a popular place for picture to come and take pictures.


La Comuna café has an airconditioned section where people can sit, read and play games with their friends.  The aircon area comes with a 10% surcharge though but it is definitely worth it because there are plenty of plants and beautiful art and decorations inside.


Here’s the shelf with all the books and games that you can play with and read.  There are plants even on the shelf!


There’s a wide range of books and games.  There is a book exchange system going on where you can trade your old books for new ones.


We tried the food at La Comuna café.  We decided to try out their Chicken parmigiana, their Sweet and Spicy Tuyo with Salted egg and their Pizza Quesadillas


We loved their Sweet and spicy Tuyo pasta with Salted egg.  The pasta was firm and not soggy and there was quite a bit of fried garlic slivers and tuyo (dried fish).  The spiciness level was just right.  Overall, the dish was very interesting with its various flavors and textures ranging from crunchy to the wonderful al dente firmness of the pasta.

Sweet and Spicy Tuyo with Salted Egg  – 199php.

La Comuna café’s Chicken parmigiana was good too.  The chicken was stuffed with cheese and had cheese sauce and even more parmesan cheese on top of it.  The tomato sauce was just right.  However the portion size served to us  was too small.  For 275 pesos we were expecting a little more.

Chicken parmigiana – 275 php

We also had La Comuna café’s Pizza quesadillas.  Quesadillas are stuffed with a cheesy combination of ham, bell peppers and sauce just like a pizza.  It was an ok dish.

Pizza Quesadillas – 159php

We went back  another evening to La Comuna café and tried more of their food.  They have elotes which is a traditional mexican corn snack.  We’re not big fans of it as the mayonnaise covering the corn was too sweet (miracle whip?) and there was just too much of it.


We also tried one of their desserts, Toasted pastillas with vanilla ice cream.  It’s a nice concept but the toasted pastillas was just too hard to chew.  We had to wait until the ice cream had fully melted so that the pastillas would soften just a little.


La Comuna café has chorizo burgers.  It consists of sweet Filipino chorizo formed into a patty.  It was good!

Chorizo burger 95 php.

La Comuna Cafe is even more striking at night.  It’s just right for little get togethers and tiny meetings or dinners.


La Comuna café

2467 Kamunsil street, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City

Official Facebook page:

Open: 11am – 11pm

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