The Weekend Señorito: Beautiful Restaurant in Bacolod City.

Hello readers!  We’ve found one of the most beautiful restaurants in Bacolod City.  It’s called The Weekend Señorito.  This restaurant is small but it is absolutely stunning.  Everything is beautiful – the food, the restaurant decor, the service,  EVERYTHING!

The Door to The Weekend Señorito.

The Weekend Señorito is located on Filomena street, Eroreco Subdivision, Bacolod City.  The interior is absolutely gorgeous and there’s a lot to see inside.  Everything is tastefully arranged and is so pretty!


The Weekend Señorito tastefully combines different pieces of art with greenery.  Most of the pieces are in dark or subdued tones, letting the green color of the plants “pop” from the white wall.


Everything is so tastefully arranged.  Every spot is very picturesque and Instagram-worthy.


All the items that you see here are pieces from the owner’s personal art collection.  They’re gorgeous.


Dining at The Weekend Señorito is an elegant experience.  We ordered our food and as appetizers we got hot pandesal with their homemade pesto. Extremely good.


We ordered our food.  We got a breakfast bacon platter, Korean Pork Belly and Chili Garlic Ribs rice bowls.  They were so colorful and so pretty!


Every dish comes with vegetables straight from Penalosa farms.  The portions are big, filling and nutritious.

We couldn’t resist getting this gorgeous Caesar salad with Bignay dressing. So colorful, succulent and healthy!


My friends loved the Chili Garlic rice bowl.  The meat was seasoned very well and it had a perfect balance of spiciness, sweetness and garlic flavours. The strong tastes also enhanced the natural flavour of the vegetables.

Chili Garlic ribs

The Korean Pork Belly is one of my favourite dishes at The Weekend Señorito.  The flavours are very Asian in this one.  It comes with a sheet of nori that you can shred and mix in with your rice to give it an umami flavour kick.


Big breakfast.  Why have breakfast at a certain burger restaurant when you can have breakfast at The Weekend Señorito?  This Bacon platter has it all.  Bursting with color from natural fruit and ingredients, it is a beautiful breakfast palette of colors and flavors.


For dessert we had a delicious walnut brownie that was garnished with mint.  Eye catching and flavorful at the same time. Take our advice, shred the mint and have each bite of brownie with a leaf of mint.  Absolutely delicious.


For refreshments, try their Kamias juice, their watermelon and their iced coffee.



Here’s how to get to The Weekend Señorito.

Jeep:  Take a Jeepney to Eroreco subdivision.  Get off at Filomena street (it’s the third street on the left) near the main entrance to Eroreco Subdivision.  The Weekend Señorito is just a short walk from the main road.

Parking might be difficult as Filomena street is narrow and the neighbors might not take so kindly to multiple cars taking up space.

The Weekend Señorito

Official Facebook page:

#19 Felomina St in Eroreco, 3rd street to your left from St. Scho

Opens 7am Tuesday to Friday.


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept any payment for this article. We blog for free and we pay for our own meals.



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