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Ishin Japan Ramen serves great Japanese Ramen and Japanese dishes

Hold on to your bowls and chopsticks! Ishin Japan Ramen has opened in Bacolod City. Ishin has been established since 2008 and now they’ve opened branches here in Bacolod for us to try!

Ishin is located at Paseo Verde ground floor, beside Ann Co cakes.  It’s very easy to miss the restaurant as it is covered with a Japanese noren curtain.  The exterior is very simple but it has a warm and organic look as they used wood in making their storefront windows.

The exterior of Ishin.

The interior of Ishin Japan Ramen is simple and combines modern architecture with Japanese aesthetics.  The main dining area is a big wooden table with a slot in the middle for the waiters and servers to walk out and serve the diners seated around it.  Very nice concept.

The big table can seat 10-12 people.

On the side you have big cushioned seats under a big poster informing people about the various Ramen found in Japan.

The seats are very comfortable.

Ishin Japan Ramen serves only one kind of Ramen at 250 pesos but you can customize it by adding various ingredients.  You can add bamboo shoots, more roasted pork, welsh onions, dried seaweed and our favourite – a half boiled egg.


Ishin’s Ramen is so good! The broth is rich and flavorful without being overly salty.  Menma or braised bamboo shoots add a crunchy texture to the Ramen which is complemented by the refreshing taste of the onions.  The half boiled eggs are so delicious – the rich yolk, spills out  and thickens the soup while the dried laver (seaweed) gives the whole soup umami taste notes.

The roasted pork has a nice smoky flavor that makes it very pleasant to eat.  More importantly the noodles are firm and chewy .  This is truly a delicious bowl of Japanese Ramen.  One bowl will fill you up.  Take our advice and add extra half-boiled egg – it’s absolutely delicious!

A bowl of Ishin Japanese Ramen

Ishin Japan Ramen also has other side dishes besides Ramen. They serve Japanese dishes that are already familiar to Filipinos such as Tonkatsu, Tempura, Chahan rice, Torikatsu and Gyoza.

The gyoza is just ok, the wrapper needed to be a bit more firm before they pan fried it as it was still soggy in some places. Overall, it was good, a nice accompaniment  to the Ramen.

Ishin Japanese Ramen Gyoza (150 php)

We ordered the Tonkatsu as another of our side dishes.  There are some spices in the Tonkatsu breading so it tasted perfectly fine even without adding Tonkatsu sauce.  It came served with a little salad of shredded cabbage garnished with tomatoes and cucumbers. A tiny dollop of mustard was added to the side. Very nice overall – a bit pricy at 350 php but the portion size is big and can comfortably feed two people.

Ishin Japan Ramen Tonkatsu.

Another surprisingly simple but good dish is the Dashi Tamago.  Dashi tamago is rolled eggs made with Dashi broth or soup stock. Simple but very flavorful as the dish has the savory taste of the Dashi stock.

Dashi Tamago 150 php.

The staff of Ishin Japan Ramen is attired in Japanese style uniforms which gives them a very nice and professional look.

Irrashaimase!  Welcome!  This very cheerful greeting is uttered whenever a customer enters the shop.

We loved the food in Ishin Japan Ramen and we will be coming back to try more dishes on their menu.  Try it and see, it’s not just Ramen that they serve – they also have great Japanese Dishes.

Ishin Japan Ramen is located at Lacson street, Paseo Verde, Barangay Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Open from:  Mon – Sunday 11:00am – 9:00pm.

Contact number: 09194637446 / 09302895732  or (034) 446 4622


The Bacolod Food Hunters did not accept freebies or incentives from Ishin Japan Ramen for this review.  

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