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Pub Hub Hobbies and Collectibles

Discover the world of scale models with Pub Hub Hobbies & collectibles. Create fantastic robots, recreate planes, tanks and ships all on a miniature scale! With Pub Hub, aspiring hobbyists in Bacolod now won’t have to look far for genuine, authentic models, paints and art supplies.

Pub Hub Hobbies & Collectibles is located at Room 1-1 JDI Building, Galo Street, 6100 Bacolod City.   Open from 10am-7pm Mondays to Saturdays Telephone number 0917 511 6117

Pub Hub is just a tiny, one store room but it is packed to the brim with models, art supplies and toys. Every square inch of space is utilized.


Thie brainchild behind all of this is Peter George “Kim” Genovea – as a young child he was good with his hands – preferring to do carpentry projects around his house.  This soon changed when Kim discovered the world of scale models.

“Back then, there were only a few places to get models,” Kim reminisces as he shows off his work.

“The only places back then were Wilmar Enterprises who sold those Tamiya Race cars and sometimes model tanks.  I also would buy from Robinsons if they had what I wanted in stock which was not very often.”


Pub Hub is a result of Kim’s love for the hobby.   When he first started out in scale modelling he had no one to teach him so he turned to YouTube, Facebook and chat groups to find tutorials and advice on the techniques in painting and assembling models.

Putting up a shop was then the next logical step for a guy fascinated with models and thus Pub Hub was born.

Pub Hub’s extensive collection of cars. If you look closely you can see a scale model of Back to the Future’s DeLorean.

Kim explains that his shop is frequented by older clientele.

“I get dads in here, seamen, professionals, bankers – All sorts of people that like to work with their hands.  This hobby also appeals to the perfectionist, to those people with an attention to detail”

Toys and models compete for space

“Some people say that people who make models are overgrown children playing with toys – that’s just not true.  You need skill and technique to assemble and paint create models like these. For me, making models is just like drawing but instead of paper you have a physical creation, something you can hold in your hand.”

Pub hub has the most complete set of paints in Bacolod as Kim stocks several imported brands such as Ammo paints by Mig Jimenez, Armor Komodo, Guaia, Mr Hobby, Tamiya and Vallejo paints.

Make your own miniature plants for dioramas

All of the paints and art supplies in Kim’s store are what he actually uses in his models.  He only stocks products that he trusts.  Due to this, Pub Hub has customers from all over Visayas and even as far from Mindanao messaging Kim for their purchases.

Pub Hub sells box sets of paints ready for painting an entire model

Kim is especially proud of his airbrushes. These are used in detailing and painting fine details on models.

“These are high quality Harder and Steenbeck airbrushes from Germany,” Kim says as he shows me the boxes.

“I am proud to say that I am the only distributor in the Philippines of these air brushes.”


For the starting hobbyist, Kim recommends people start out with Gundams – something that Pub Hub has abundant stock. Some are easy to assemble and there are varying grades of difficulty to them.  It’s a simple matter to chose a kit appropriate to the hobbyist’s skill level.


Dozens of Gundams line the walls.PuB Hub has a table where customers can relax, paint and assemble their kit.  Kim is always ready to help out beginners with their questions and to teach them techniques.

A customer assembling his purchased kit.

Kim showed me samples of his finished work.  Kim uses a combination of techniques to make the plastic model look like metal.

Kim’s latest work, A Red Gundam.

Since the kits have seams where they are assembled, Kim says one part of the skill required is filling in the seams to make them look neat and one solid piece.

This enormous Gundam stands over a bunch of space debris. I can’t believe it’s plastic!

The most amazing model is of a Gundam standing in the wreckage of a building.   The Gundam is painted to look like it’s old and weathered.


Kim put together this amazing diorama using only household materials.  The details are amazing!  Using wire, a small bicycle was created while the corrugated roof was created from a piece of aluminum pie tin!


Pub Hub also has an area where customers can display their work.  It is amazing to see the care and detail that people have poured into their creation.

A group of men look out from a Tank.

This tank is one of my favorites, it is painted to have RUST spots and its treads painted to look like it has passed through mud – Truly Amazing.


Pub Hub is an amazing place – if you’re looking to get into the hobby – you can’t go wrong with Pub Hub’s extensive array of tools and kits.

Visit them at Galo street, In front of PLDT


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