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Gunny’s First Charity Poker Run and Motorcycle show

Bacolod’s Motorcycle community came together for Gunny’s First Charity Poker Run and Motorcycle show to benefit Carl Andrew Tolimao – a member of the Negros Rouser Club who was in a serious motorcycle accident and needed help with his ICU medical bills.  The event was organized by The Negros Rouser Club and the Lady Dragons spearheaded by Joy Diaz.

We volunteered our time to write about Gunny’s first Motorcycle show – A unique and first charity “street-side” motorcycle show here in Bacolod City.   All proceeds from the contest entries were donated.

Many of the motorcycle fanatics in Bacolod took the opportunity to show off their awesome builds.  The motorbikes were parked in front of Gunny’s All American burgers where they were exhibited.

People give their bikes a last coat of polish before the show.

The bikes were judged not only on how good they looked but also if they worked, had proper lights and brakes and safety features.  The judges were Liezel Morales of Monster Cycle Merchandising,  Michael Edward Manzon of Bacolod Drag Racer and former USA airman Ray Stetler. The judges certainly had a tough time since all of these bikes were pretty and eye catching!


A striking bike in orange and white


This owner decorated his bike with Street Fighter (Akuma) decals.


This Pink bike won the Scooter Category.

The Golden Mamba. A bike that won the People’s choice awards and the 110-200cc was a bike coated almost entirely with gold paint and decals. All throughout the day people kept stopping to look at it – It was a real beauty and work of art.

This bike looked very luxurious and extravagant! A lot of people took pictures with it!

MX owners club of Negros sent this beautiful red and black bike.


The Sprinter Riders Club of Bacolod showed off a dazzling blue Lilo and Stitch themed bike with the decal work done by Mcoyworx.

Fancy super heroes?  The next couple of bikes were awesome pieces of art.  An Iron man themed bike was very popular with the kids.

The Deadpool themed bike collected a lot of compliments from judge Ray Stetler who loved Deadpool.


From Aceworx metikoloso and from the Suzuki owners club came this awesome bike spray painted all over with Pokemon! This is our absolute favourite bike because we love Pokemon! Hahaha!


Some bikes like these Raider 150’s decorated their bikes with small whimsical toys and stickers!

For the big bikes came this monstrous three wheeler Can-am bike representing Metroclick Digital Photography

Also in the big bike Category was this sleek looking Kawasaki.  This bike won the big bike category.

Abegail A. Perigon was the lovely 19 year old lass who was the winner of the Hot chick on a bike contest!


Blip motors, Yamaha KTM and Petron were the primary sponsors of the event. They set up tents where they showed their products to the crowd. Petron even offered a free oil change with each purchase of oil.

The events and Fundraising activities were successful with 13,000 pesos from all the activities being raised for the medical bills of Carl Andrew Tolimao.

Carl Andrew Tolimao, Gene and Nilda Jackson, Joy Diaz and the members of The Negros Rouser Club at the turn over ceremony.


Carl Andrew is overwhelmed with emotion as he accepts the funds to pay for his hospitalization bills.


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