Pia Vill Pizza: A different and very “CRATE-ive” pizzeria

Have Pizza at Pia Vill – a pizza restaurant that serves good pizza in a shipping crate!  Shipping crates are very sturdy and there’s been a trend of recycling old crates into buildings.    Pia Vill took an old shipping crate and decked it out with a roof, a second floor, a kitchen and toilets. Wow! It’s amazing how all of these features are packed into one crate – It makes me want to go convert one too into a house!

Pia Vill is located along Roxas Avenue and it is hard to miss the restaurant because of its distinct look.  The crate is painted in neutral tones making it appear cozy and warm.  It blends in with the mango tree beside it.

Pia Vill’s interior has been redecorated to make it as comfortable as possible. Antique wooden floors have been set down inside to give the place a more inviting atmosphere.

The walls are simply the shipping crate walls that have been painted and decorated with a mural. I love the small painting of the owner driving a pizza truck!

Seating is not a problem since at least ten people can comfortably sit inside the restaurant. There are metal steps located at the side which leads upwards into the second floor outdoor dining area where more people can sit. The metal walls absorbed the cool air from the air conditioning making the restaurant a relaxing place.


We tried three of Pia Vill’s pizzas.

The Cheapest Pizza available is the Classic Cheese Pizza.  It consists of Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Simple but satisfying.

Classic Cheese Pizza 265 Php.

The works is Pia Vill’s premium pizza. It comes with mozzarella cheese, ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms and olives.

The Works 365 Php.

Our last and Final Pizza was the New York Pizza.  This is surprisingly good, even better than The Works Pizza. Maybe because there is only about four ingredients so the savory tastes of the pepperoni and italian sausage weren’t masked.  This is our favorite pizza at Pia Vill

New York Pizza 335 php

Pia Vill pizza was still on its soft opening so there were a few hiccups in service. The Pizzas took extremely long to arrive – I must have called the attention of the server 100 times to ask where our pizzas were.  We brought this issue up to the management who assured us that they will work on their pizzas and their pizza oven so the wait will be reduced.  The wait was worth it for us because we were able to try the yummy pizzas after a while!

Pia Vill is located at# 23 Roxas Avenue, Bacolod City

Telephone number: 0905 402 8698

Opening time: 3:00pm to 9:00pm




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