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Sitting Duck: Comfort food at its finest.

For Comfort Food at its finest in Bacolod come to Sitting Duck!  Imagine a duck, floating serenely on a lake but underneath the water, the duck’s feet are hard at work paddling.  This visual metaphor perfectly describes the restaurant.  Simple and elegant but behind it all is a lot of hard work.

Sitting Duck is located at the Paseo Verde building on Lacson street, Brgy. Mandalagan Bacolod City. Telephone number (034)447 0672 and 0916 623 8830. Opening hours 11am to 2:30pm then open from 2:30pm to 8:30 pm

The interior of Sitting duck is clean and minimalistic. Big windows and glass doors let in a lot of natural light especially in the daytime.  The colors that predominate in Sitting Duck are white, brown and blue – the colors of the sea, earth and sky. This gives the place a pleasant, semi-Mediterranean look.

Our late lunch at Sitting duck was filled with surprises as we enjoyed the creative and delicious food.  Sitting duck’s menu is like a culinary adventure.  You have the popular staples but at the same time there are new and interesting dishes for those brave enough to try them.

We started with Walis tingting fries – an interesting appetizer that evokes the imagery of a coconut-rib broom.  The appetizer consists of prepared asian noodles brushed with pesto.  Our group had mixed opinions on this dish with some liking it because it’s something new and different and some disliking the taste.  Either way, one Walis tingting fries will last you a long time. There’s something addictive about thoughtfully nibbling on a noodle while having an ice cold drink and pleasant conversation.

Walis tingting fries.

The most popular appetizer in Sitting Duck is the artichoke dip! It’s a blend of cheeses and artichoke and it comes with pieces of bread. Very delicious and addiciting.

We were surprised to find Chicken Confit here in Bacolod!  Confit is a form of French cooking traditionally done to preserve meats by salting it and cooking it slowly in fat.  As it cooks slowly the fat softens the meat, creating a soft, rich tasting dish .

Sitting Duck’s Chicken Confit is a variation of the traditional Duck confit.  The meat is a little bit salty due to the preparation process but Sitting Duck uses olive oil, a much healthier alternative. The Confit tastes absolutely great.  The closest thing we have to this is certain types of adobo that is cooked in a lot of oil.

Sitting Duck Chicken Confit. (285 php).

Sitting Duck’s China belly is basically a deconstructed siopao.  You have the meat cooked in a sweet – spicy sauce and then the siopao bun is placed on top in a sort of twist.  Very nice as the bun doesn’t get soggy and it can be eaten as a nice accompaniment to the dish.

Sitting Duck China Belly.

A friend got Sitting Duck’s Hot Diggidy Dog after he saw that it was made with Johnsonville smoked brats! These are smoked hot dogs that come all the way from the USA. The smoked flavor is what my friend had been craving for.

Sitting Duck’s Hot Diggity Dog.

Our other orders arrived. Sitting Duck serves real angus beef and lamb and we wanted to take a look at the more expensive dishes on the menu.

Dianne Cutlets

The Dianne Cutlets are angus beef in a delicious brown sauce with potatoes, mushrooms and string beans. The main problem with this dish is that it’s so good, you’ll want more. Take our advice and order its big brother the Angus Tenderloin.

Angus Tenderloin

Sitting Duck’s Angus Tenderloin is very soft and comes with grilled vegetables on the side. Very Yummy and extremely filling!

Lovers of Lamb should try Sitting Duck’s exquisite Lamb chops! They’re delicious and come with a yogurt sauce and grilled vegetables

Lamb Chops

Sitting Duck is located at Paseo Verde Building, Lacson Street, Barangay Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Opening hours 11am to 2:30pm then open from 2:30pm to 8:30 pm

Sitting duck telephone number: (034)447 0672 -0916 623 8830

Menu and Facebook Page:


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