Barcino and Tomador bring Premium Spanish Wines and Deli Products to Bacolod!

There’s Premium Spanish wine now  in Bacolod!  Barcino Corporation, a leading importer of Spanish Wine and Deli products has teamed up with Tomador, a local Bacolod Company to bring their products of Wine, Cheese, Sausages and Ham to Bacolod City.

We were invited to their wine tasting event at Delicioso to their wine tasting night.  It was a fantastic event which gave us a chance to sample Barcino’s extensive selection of products available for purchase directly from Delicioso and from the Tomador company .

The resident wine maestro was Mr. Aitor Zaldumbide, Barcino’s Business development manager.  He managed the wine tasting, describing the wines to guests and giving tips to guests on how to properly enjoy wine.  It was an awesome learning experience.

Mr. Zaldumbide pours wine for a guest while Danny Gamboa looks on.

Barcino has been importing Spanish wines and beer since 2006. They have a rigorous selection process to ensure that they get only the best wines. Mr. Zaldumbide gave us a crash course on wine tasting and on the best characteristics of the wine.  I only had a couple of sips of each kind of wine since I didn’t want to get too drunk!

Some of the wines at the event from left to right: Pluvium Premium Selection Bobal – Cabernet Sauvignon, Estrella Galicia beer, Ponte Loma Red wine and Lavina Tempranillo 2015.

Pluvium Premium Selection Bobal – Cabernet Sauvignon is a fruity red wine from Valencia.  It is a smooth wine that is made out of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which tend to produce wines that have taste notes of blackcurrants.

Estrella Galicia is a Spanish Pale Lager beer. It is crisp tasting and is a bit mellow.

Lavina Tempranillo 2015 is a good wine to pair with food because of its savory qualities. It pairs well with all kinds of food but it really stands out when it is paired with cured meats!

Ponte Loma Red wine is actually Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon blended together.  This delicious combination has a delicate raspberry and vanilla aroma that is very enticing as well as the good qualities of both wines.

Pluvium Premium Selection Bobal – Grenache Rosé is a wine that has a paler color than other red wines  and has a light, fruity flavor and aroma.

Pluvium Premium Selection Merseguera Sauvignon Blanc is now one of my favourite wines!  This tasty wine has a golden yellow colour and tastes a bit like peaches and apples. It smells a bit like flowers too!

Pluvium Sauvignon Blanc

To pair with the wines, Pizza was served made with Barcino’s imported Jamon Serrano.  The meaty, savory salt taste of the ham and cheese paired well with the Lavina Tempranillo and I also found that the Sauvignon Blanc was a good match.

Pizza from Delicioso.

The next round of wines were brought out for us to taste,  this time from Altozano, Borsao and Martin Codax.

Altozano Tempranillo is a sweet red wine that also pairs well with food.

Altozano Tempranillo -Cabernet Sauvignon is a mixed red wine combining the tastes of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon. I found it a bit cloying but after a while I got used to the taste.

Martin Codax Albarino is made from Albarino grapes. This a yellowish wine that has tastes notes of citrus and lemon.

Borsao Joven 2015 is a young red wine with an Alcohol content of 13%.  Fruity and rich.


Vinas del Vero Luces Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo & Syrah – a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Syra-shiraz grapes.

From South Africa, Prime Cuts Red blend  – a blend of many different types of grapes found on the western cape of South Africa.


Paired with the wine were imported cheeses and slices of ham and chorizo. These were also brought over by the Tomador company and are now available at Delicioso.  Platters of these were served to the guests.

A generous selection of deli meats and cheeses served on top of a beautiful tray by Silay Export.

I tried these out! They were really delicious.  I had Mr. Aitor Zaldumbide teach me the proper pronunciation (and spelling) of these meats.  It  was wonderful to have these small bites in between wine tasting.  I enjoyed the way the flavors changed when these were paired with wine!

From Top left, clockwise: Salsichon Iberico, Chorizo Iberico, Jamon Serrano, Feta and manchego cheese on bread.

Salsichon Iberico and Chorizo Iberico are  sausages made from the black Iberian pig, an ancient breed existing back to Bronze Age times. The meat of the pigs is highly prized for its distinctive taste.

Jamon Serrano is a special dry-cured spanish ham. It is served usually cut very thinly.

Manchego cheese is a cheese made with only the milk of Manchega sheep. Depending on how it is aged, the flavour changes from mild to a sharp, peppery taste.

Feta cheese is a soft white goat cheese.  It has a creamy consistency and is soft enough to spread on slices of bread.

Feta Cheese (top) and Manchego cheese (bottom)

You can get more wines and more varieties of cheese from Delicioso which is Barcino’s distribution outlet here in Bacolod or order directly from Danny Gamboa of Tomador. More stocks will be coming in soon so stay tuned.  Delicioso is located on Lacson street, in front of the Carmelite Monastery.

Here is the price list of wines, olive oil and cheeses on hand. Text or Call for your orders.


Borsao Tinto Joven 370
Borsao Blanco 370
Pluvium Tinto / Blanco 225
Altozano Tempranillo 470
Ramon Roqueta Reserva 550
Ramon Roqueta Gamarcha 495
Lavina Tinto 370
Sandara rose 380
Sandara White / Red Bubbly 380
Abril Pomace Olive Oil 5 liters 975
Abril EVOO/Liter 405
Manchego Cheese Per 100 grams 155
Jamon Serrano per 100 grams 245
Salsichon Iberico per 100 grams 215
Chorizo Iberico per 100 grams 215
Fuet Extra 280

The Bacolod Food Hunters would like to thank Mrs. Reena Gamboa – Pena for inviting us to the wine tasting.


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