Eat All you can

Beers & Wings: Eat all you can Buffalo wings!

Are you guys hungry? – EAT All You Can  UNLI Buffalo wings and rice for only 199 pesos at Beers & Wings!   Beers & Wings is a new restaurant in Bacolod that specializes in drinks and Buffalo Wings.  They’re newly opened at The Palms (behind Shell gas station and Starbucks Lacson.)

Bring your friends, barkada and family because on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3pm to 8pm, it’s eat all you can time!  Enjoy rice, chicken wings for a maximum of two hours.  Within those two hours ANYTHING goes.  The only rules are – no sharing, no takeout and no leftovers.

Beers & Wings at the Palms.


Beers & wings Wings Day!

Our advice to would be diners is to come at around 3:30 so that you can be assured of seats – the place fills up with customers really fast.  If you are sure of the amount  of wings you can eat – order them at once.  There will be plenty of people so you will have a wait if you come too late.

There are plastic gloves available so don’t be afraid to get the saucy varieties of wings.  Bon Apetit.

Beers & Wings has several flavors of wings available.  We started with their Honey Lemon Wings.  These came perfectly fried with a decent amount of wings in the basket.  The wings were semi-sweetish but not much of a lemony tang. Pretty good – the meat was tender and falling off the bone which is a sign that the wings were cooked properly.


Honey Lemon Wings.

Of course, we had to try the popular flavor Garlic and Parmesan wings.  There’s a slight cheesy flavor from the parmesan.  Good!

Garlic Parmesan

Next up is the traditional flavor Spicy Buffalo wings.  This is the best one of the lot. The spicy flavor is just right for lovers of spicy food like me.  This is the messy kind of wings so use the gloves provided.

Spicy Buffalo Wings

I know it’s eat all you can but I couldn’t manage more than these three baskets of wings.  I was full already by the second batch.


Come and try out all the flavors that Beers & Wings have to offer!  They have a lot more flavors than the three that we tried. We simply couldn’t manage any more.

Beers & Wings is located at The Palms on 18th street, Bacolod City, Behind Starbucks Lacson and Shell gas station. You can get into contact with them via their official Facebook Page link.

Unlike most of the bloggers in Bacolod, We hate accepting freebies or incentives.  That’s why The Bacolod Food Hunters is the BEST FOOD Website in Bacolod.  Mr. Google thinks so too.

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