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Play Billiards at Taco Boy: Coffee Bar and BBQ House.

Taco Boy is a new Billiard Hall in Bacolod that mixes, coffee, beer and barbecue.  It is located in Barangay Villamonte along B.S Aquino drive.  This place is becoming quite popular with the locals for the food and for the billiard experience.

Taco boy has a dining area decorated with vintage bicycles hanging on walls as well as classic plate numbers.  The whole area isn’t air conditioned so at times it can get quite hot especially during the day.  The best times to visit Taco Boy is in the evenings when it is quite cool.



The bigger half of Taco boy are the billiards area.  Bright lamps shine down unto the billiard tables.  The tables and floors are relatively clean.  Some tables are beginning to show signs of heavy wear and tear as these are the tables that are most frequently used by customers.   Beside the billiards area is a small area with tables and chairs for drinks and spectators.


The second floor of Taco boy has more billiard tables as wells as brightly colored walls.  These tables are the most popular with customers as it is relatively cooler in this area. Cooling breezes blow in from the windows and the balcony. The area is very minimalistic and the bright lamps draw attention to the games that are being played on the tables.


The busiest area is the second floor balcony.  Diners can take a break from their billiard games and relax outside.  Music is piped into this area, giving it a nice, lively atmosphere.  Diners can sit and enjoy food with their friends or refresh themselves with a nice, ice-cold beer.


The food at Taco boy is basically popular fare such as back ribs, etc.  The dishes are mostly meant to be shared and go well with drinks.

We chose to order food from their “Mexican Ole” section.  Since their restaurant is named Taco boy, it made sense to try their Mexican Food.

With that in mind, we ordered their beef Nachos.  It is one of the biggest Nachos we have seen in Bacolod.  A tower of shredded cheese and a small bowl of beef in the middle.  The “Nachos” are just fried wonton wrappers with a mayonnaise sauce.  The ground beef is well-seasoned and quite savory.

The Nachos aren’t particularly that spectacular but it’s big enough for sharing and just ok for light snacks while playing billiards.  Pang barkada siya. The price is just 130 pesos.


The Hard Shell Tacos are 130 pesos and quite good for the price.  They are not 100% authentic mexican but they are quite scrumptious.  There’s a lot of cheese on the Tacos which have the same savory beef used in the Nachos as well as a side of cheese sauce. It is good enough for a quick snack.

Everything is cheesy and therefore a bit salty which entices the diner to buy drinks.


Visit Taco Boy na and play billiards!

Taco boy is located on BS. Aquino street, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City

Opening Hours: 1030am-12mn.

Telephone number:  458 9924

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