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Goat 101: A restaurant in Bacolod specializing in Goat meat dishes!

Get schooled in the various ways Filipinos can prepare goat!  Goat 101 is a Bacolod restaurant that specializes in goat dishes made the traditional Filipino way.   If you’ve got a craving for goat caldereta or anything goat, this place has got you covered.

It’s not hard to find Goat 101. They have a very distinctive signage that is easily spotted from the street.

The entrance to Goat 101.  Goat 101 is located at Yakal Street, Shopping, Bacolod City.

The restaurant is not air conditioned but there are numerous strategically placed electric fans.  The interior is a bit dim even in the middle of the day and the walls have many brightly colored paintings of anthropomorphic goats on them.  These are quite well done and make for interesting conversation pieces.

The colorful interior of Goat 101.

Most of the dishes on the menu are in the 60 peso to 80 peso price range. We ordered four of their specialties to try.

For some people, goat has a very distinct, strong taste that is quite gamey and unpleasant. Also, goat has a reputation for being too skinny and full of bones.  I didn’t experience any strong tastes in Goat 101 but I have to say, the dishes have a lot of bones in them, probably 50% – 60% at least.  There’s a saying that meat near the bones is more flavorful and tasty but I didn’t think it was true in this case.

We got Adobo, Paklay, Kandefrita and Kaldereta. The portion sizes were a little on the small side and the dishes don’t come with any rice so a meal at goat 101 will actually be about 80-100 pesos with rice and a soda.

Goat dishes at Goat 101.

I’d like to take the opportunity before we begin with the dishes to have a tiny shout out to the artist who did the decorations at Goat 101.  The artwork on the walls is extremely well done albeit a bit bizarre. Here in this wall mural; we have a group of happy goat policemen enjoying mugs of coffee at a restaurant.

Happy Goat Policemen.

Let’s proceed with the dishes:

The Goat Caldereta needed to be heated up a bit more,  The tomato sauce was a bit too watery and there was a lot of bones with the meat. The meat itself was tender and had no weird taste or goaty smell.  It could have used a bit more seasoning.



Time for more art!  Another artwork that will catch your eye is of a stylish looking goat with glasses and jeans.  A worried looking goat has smashed through a paper wall with a brick print.


The Goat Adobo was just okay, a couple of bones with maybe about 2 tablespoons of meat on them.   The meat was flavorful and a little bit spicy.

Goat Adobo.

Things greatly improved with the Kandefrita – which is similar to beef carnefrita in taste and texture.  Not as much bones as the other previous dishes, great with rice..


Another painted art work of a happy goat family eating spaghetti and a quotation from Geoffrey Neighbor; “Good food ends with good talk.”


The best dish among those that we tried is their goat paklayA stew of vegetables, meat and innards mixed all up and cooked together.  It’s a very ethnic and traditional dish that many might find unappetizing but for those accustomed to it – paklay tastes quite good.

Goat Paklay


Goat 101 is a very interesting place to visit.  The food is okay – not that great but fans of goat and native food would really enjoy their visit. Some people consider goat to be an especially fine delicacy and a rare treat. Well, take them to Goat 101 where they can try all the Filipino dishes that is possible with goat!


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