Japanese Ramen

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen: Really good Japanese Ramen.

Ikkoryu, the new Japanese Ramen restaurant at SM is my new favourite Ramen Place!

The interior of Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen.


Ikkoryu is located at SM Bacolod North Wing, right beside Mesa and BreadTalk.  They serve Japanese Fukuoka Ramen with Chikuyo style noodles.  Basically, with your order you can order how soft or how hard the Ramen noodles are. You WANT the hard noodles. Otherwise the noodles will be soft like pancit canton noodles or maggi noodles and it’s not the most pleasant thing to eat.

The bowl is bursting with flavor.  Good, but the serving portion is so small!

Black Garlic Ramen! Our absolute favorite. The rich roasted garlic taste mixes so well with the broth and with the meat. There is also a rich smoky flavor and smell that is absolutely delicious. There’s a square of seaweed that we like to tear up by hand and sprinkle over the ramen.  There are also Japanese pickles and chives!


Our only wish was that the bowl would be more full… That’s a small serving! 280 php in Bacolod for a 1/4th full bowl. It’s really good though.


Ikkoryu also has delicious gyoza.  They came perfectly pan-seared and golden brown.  They were a bit smallish though. Good, but a little tiny.


Ikkoryu’s gyoza.

Try out Ikkoryu’s Ramen.  They have different kinds of Ramen but trust us when we say that the black garlic ramen is the absolute best one!

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